Jamie and the 6th Doctor are Back!

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 07 May 2010

This is a review for The Big Finish Adventure, The City of Spires.  Staring Colin Baker as the 6th Doctor, Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon and Georgia Moffett as Alice.

The Doctor Land hoping to get away from it all, but once again as with a Previous Regeneration, he lands in the Middle of an Important Battle in Scotland.  After managing to convince the Scottish Warrior Black Donald that he's not English, and accepts being called a French Dandy.  The Doctor Notices one very important clue, "Black Donald" is in Fact Jamie McCrimmon.

This is the First time since "The Two Doctors" That Jamie and the 6th Doctor have been re-united, it also starts of a Series of Audio drama's staring the coupling of the 6th Doctor and Jamie, and later Zoe.  In this Story it doesn't take the Doctor long to notice all is not well, as dates are not matching up with what should have happened.  The Doctor meets Rob Roy, who should have been some 40 years Dead, and Oil is being Drilled for when the Highland Clearances should be taking place, and Jamie has no memory of his time with the Doctor, From the Doctor Who and the Highlanders story with Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor.

Georgia Moffett's Character Alice, has a Husband Trapped by the Dominant Overlord in the City of Spires, and is an French Engineer responsible for Designing the Monstrous Derricks, that are all over the land.  The Red Cap, an ruling agent of the Overlord also has to be dealt with.

The Story grips you, and drags you along for the ride and is definitely Well written by Simon Bovey.  There are similarities to the Current Series as the Doctor Notices that something is Seriously a canter with the Time-Stream.  Other Similarities include the Red Cap, who seems to be an Idea Drawn upon from the Cybermen. 

Otherwise it is a good well acted out story, and it looks like the Cast had fun.  In the Booklet there is a forward by Nick Briggs explaining why he is thrilled to be able to do this story Arc with Frazer and Colin.  A warning though, this is a Start of a full Story arc which plough's it's way between regular and Companion Chronicles releases, and as such may leave you wanting to buy the following Story's for this I take no responsibility, but only to say I have them on Pre-order.

The Next Two Stories are a Companion Chronicle called "Night's Black Agents", which is followed by a Regular story called "The Wreck of the Titan"  A further story in the line "Legend of the Cybermen" brings back Zoe into the fold.

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I downloaded this story and currently am approximately halfway through the tale. How wonderful to hear Jamie once again, and Colin is doing a fabulous job as the 6th Doctor. Very much looking forward to the rest of the story, and future pairings of the two of them.  :)


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