CHILLER airing STRANGE w/Tom Baker?

Chase - Posted on 09 June 2009

IMagine my surprise that I can't sleep on early Mon morn/ very late SUn night when I noticed at about 2;45 Chiller aired the first STRANGE episode. If the others follow Tom Baker's episode should be on in five or six weeks.

CHILLER is indeed airing STRANGE on Sunday nights but early night. It is on again late night and might even be on twice on Sundays. That said, there are only seven episodes including the extra longer pilot (longer than the other eps).

Also: Tom is in the last ep. and it seemed as if his character was going to be brought back. I hoped so. 

I must stress that this series is VERY well written and acted and is like a murder mystery only with demons as the usual culprits. There are twists and turns and I only guessed one of the seven endings yet all the other endings make total sense in logic just as any good murder mystery should. It is heads and shoulders above ANY DW IMO and while I loved the DW Agatha ep, this is MUCH better in originality, creep factor, and interest level. And it has grounded charcters in the here and now who care about each other.

I'm amazed that this show didn't get renewed and didn't get good ratings. It was so good. Although if what I read on line about the second season that was proposed, I'm glad it didn't get made because the down syndrome boy was going to be killed off and the show was going to do other things that sounded terrible, rather than have demons in it doing murders, which is what the excellent first season had.

Oh and Sir Ian Richardson is just marvelous as the sinister religion man! ANd he's funny besides in a dry wit kind of way. Connor from PRIMEVAL is in this as the comptuer expert (played by someone else in the pilot...the fake TORCHWOOD guy in the ep where the guy insinuated his way into the TORCHWOOD team but he was really a fake TORCHWOOD member). There's others you mightr recognize too but Tom Baker is really tops in usual.    


what can i say every think tom has done is out of this world

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