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Live from Fiddlesticks!

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 23 May 2010

This past Thursday (May 20, 2010), Doctor Who: Podshock recorded a live show at the book launch party for The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who. Taking place at Fiddlesticks Pub & Grill in Manhattan (NYC), Ken, Billy and I arrived to see the venue was swarming with activity. Having passed it many times, I believe I have a vague memory being a patron there some years ago. I can recommend their veggie burgers (Ken and Billy equally recommend their other burgers).


I'm not here to write about burgers though, rather to thank all those that made our live show possible. This includes the staff of Fiddlesticks who went out their way to provide space and resources for the show, everyone who attended the event, the contributors/editors of the book; Anthony S Burdge, Jessica Burke, Kristine Larsen, Melody Green (who were all guests on our live show), and Barnaby Edwards (who unfortunately had to leave before our show). Working 'behind the scenes' was Billy Davis (AKA "The White Robot" for many of our listeners and convention goers), it wouldn't had been a live show without him. Taras Hnatyshyn who photographed the event (I brought my camera, but never had a chance to take it out of the case). Last, but not least, Ken Deep who co-hosted the show with myself.


I was only working with a couple hours of sleep at most, which means I am even more appreciative of everyone's help in making the event go off without a hitch.

Although they were guests on our show, we were there as their guests at the event, so once again thanks goes to the authors/editors of the book for asking to the book launch party.

If you couldn't attend this book launch event, there will be one on Monday, May 24th at the NY Public Library (Tottenville Branch) in Staten Island, one in the UK on Wednesday at The Antelope Tavern in London, and another this Thursday, May 27th at the Forbidden Planet store in Manhattan again. For more details see: Two of Four NY Events Scheduled for the Book, The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who

We also thank the authors/publisher for two copies of the book to give away to Podshock Supporting Subscribers which were both signed by the all the authors we had on our live show. For details see: The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who Book Give Away for Podshock Supporting Subscribers


You can look forward to the live show on the Doctor Who: Podshock main show feeds and here on the website in the near future.

Photos by Taras Hnatyshyn. See more here: Book launch & Podshock: Live! (Flickr)

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