Night's Black Agent

Chase - Posted on 27 May 2010

I don't know, maybe it's just all my fault. I didn't really care for this much. I didn't understand where it was starting, what time period it was in and my attention clearly was caught by this mess. Jamie is with the 6th Doctor and facing a kelpie horse thing, quicksand, a mesmerized girl and a villain who seems more the Monk than the Master and isn't either of them but it might have been more interesting if he had. Instead, he seems like a second rate Daemon. I didnt' really get the whole Jennifer is a witch thing or what was going on really.

This lame Comp Chronicle has, at its heart a good story and a good plot. Unfortunately, the dialog is not as crisp or sharp as the EXTRAS interviewees seem  to think it is. It is also something that...this story that is...that I've been wanting for a good long time...a smaller story where whole planets are not in danger and for the most part it succeeds in that. It is also somewhat historical but that aspect could have been played up more but wwasn't really. In fact, nothing here has that sense of urgency. There's a scene where the Doc runs with Jamie and a girl between two factions of alien beings (that's right the aliens HAVE to appear don't they?) and there's no sense of real danger anywhere. The Doc just bustles them out of the way.  It is really all very poorly done.l

Oh, there is some examination of Jamie's thoughts about war and aging and all that. Frankly, that's good stuff but the other stuff...especially the denouncment of the villain...who up to now was rather almost embarassing in a parody of the Daemons like way. COMP CHRONILCES really gets it wrong almost all the time now and part of that is that this would have been better as a full cast play. Frazer Hines is no Colin Baker and the Doc is silent...! The 6th Doc is silent for most of this. There are a few smiles at lame 6th Doctor quips and jokes...which is just like his Doctor but not enough. For most of the "adventure" which despite being boring is not all talk talk talk but has some action...but not really any kind of action that makes one suspense filled...lame action, tables being overturned and all that...

This story would have been much better as anything other than this... a full cast audio, a comic, a novel even, a short story, and even a TV episode. Much of it feels rushed at the start and much of it later feels drawn out and forced. HInes is not the...let me put it this way...he's not a great actor but  a fair one. To compare, the guys that read the ALEX RIDER NOVELS on CD are brilliant. I feel as if I were listening to ...and experiencing the story as a movie in my mind. His voice is interesting, he does the characters with dialects and differnt sounding voices, even the women. True, that the ALEX RIDER novels are just amazing pieces of writing, action wise, plot wise and character wise...but there are two actors, one  who read the first 6 novels and he is brilliant and the other who read novels 7 and 8 and he is just as good). I feel as if they were movies in my mind. I DON'T feel that abut the comp chronicles at all.

What is worse is that unlike other DW audios, I don't care what's going to happen in these more current ones. I can't fathom what the EXTRAS people are talking about about how it's so broad...maybe it is but that is not a good thing and how they are congradulating themselves over it...

Most of this is really terrible but in concept it should have worked. Perhaps again, it is me, perhaps I'm out DW-ed but DW is really standard stuff and very very medicre but only thanks to efforts like this one that fill the name DW. DW can be so much more and not jut an alien menaces someone in history. I also think the kelpie storyline is poorly handled. How scary would an alien horse-like entity have been if it menaced people on a beach in modern day times and like the myth ride them into the sea on its back. Imagine a scary mystery horror sci fic story...instead we get torture (again), a villain after Tardis (again), a self sacrifice (again), and Jamie feeling bad at the Doc because the Doc pulled him back from helping Lucy. If Jamie wanted to, he could have helped or stepped in and gotten killed instead. The story feels like it could have been so good but it really misses the mark in every step and is really tedious to get through. Especially the ending.     



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