Doctor Who: Podshock - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I play AAC files on my non-iPod player?
We have two feeds, one is the enhanced podcast AAC format that will play in any device or software that is compatible with the AAC format (this automatically includes all Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone, iTunes, etc.). Enhanced podcasts include chapters, images, and URL links. They also support higher quality audio without increasing the file size. Our other feed is a plain MP3 format feed which should work in just about any device or player.

How do I subscribe?
The easiest way if you use iTunes is simply find Doctor Who: Podshock on iTunes and subscribe there. Otherwise, you can find the Doctor Who: Podshock feeds here and copy and paste the (RSS) feeds into your podcast catcher client or RSS reader.

What is an Enhanced Podcast?
The Enhanced Podcast format is a special AAC audio file with chapters that allows listeners to jump to and from any chapter within a podcast, each chapter can have a different name and embedded image that can be viewed in iTunes, an iPod with a colour display, iPhone, or iPad, URL links can also be embedded into each chapter allowing listeners to easily jump to any web page with a click in iTunes or iPhone (with iOS 4 or higher), and finally listeners have the benefit of the audio quality that comes with AAC format. Many non-Apple hardware and software also support Enhanced Podcasts (AAC files), please check your hardware/software for compatibility.

How can I submit an audio comment to the show?
Simply send your short audio comment to our feedback email address mentioned in our show to be considered for the show. If you don't have the audio equipment to record an audio comment with your computer, you can simply leave your audio comment as a voice mail message by calling the Doctor Who: Podshock Public Call Box (phone line): 206-984-3543 (please note that this is a US phone number, any toll charges to the 206 area code will apply). You can also use Skype to call the Public Call Box or leave a voice message to Podshock (please note: as of late, we have been loosing many messages left on Skype).

Do you have a promo that I can play to promote Doctor Who: Podshock in my own podcast?
Yes... We have a couple. Both are in the MP3 format: Doctor Who: Podshock Promo (Geoff Smith Mix) and Doctor Who: Podshock Promo 2 (A Trip of a Lifetime!).

I don't have an iPod, can I still listen to your show?
Absolutely! A 'podcast' is essentially just an internet radio show if you will. You don't need an iPod or for that matter any portable digital audio device to listen to our show. You can listen to it on your computer... on anything that can play either a MP3 file or a AAC file. You can even listen to it from the website using the web-base player we have on our site.

How can I show my support?
This site and our podcast are free to use and listen to respectively. Though there are costs involved in maintaining and producing both. The best way to help support the show and enable it to continue is to become a Podshock Supporting Subscriber. For a low monthly subscription fee, not only will be supporting the show, but you will also get extra content and other perks to express our appreciation for your support.

Donations are also accepted. Please make a donation to help offset these costs and to help ensure that we can continue to bring you both. Click here to donate. Thank you so much.

How do I get a message out to your audience?
Our show has a very large audience worldwide and it may be the target audience to get your message out to… be it a convention, book signing, a product or service, etc. We can help you get the word out. Please consider advertising on our show or becoming a sponsor. See Advertising for more information.

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