The Lodger - SPOILERS!!!!

Comedy Whirlwind - Posted on 12 June 2010

Now I was convinced this was going to be a Cyberman story!

Who is growing the TARDIS? My money is on River Song but I'm open to be shot down in flames.

It seems we are getting into the end game of the season now...the trailer looked very interesting.

Apart from that the story was weak although I'm glad we've had at least one 'Amy-Lite' episode.

Must get back to England v USA...sorry to be so brief!

Paul S. Mabley B.Sc.(Hons), MA

South Shields, UK / Kitchener, Ontario

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Nothing really wrong with this one but nothing special.


Loved that they had the Doctor playin football right before the England match today. And that the Doctor wore kit # 11.


I actually enjoyed the Confidential more than the episode this week, with the trip to the Greenwich Observatory and all that.

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Comedy stories of Doctor Who have never gone down terribly well with fans. Stories like "The Romans" and "The Gunfighters" are not exactly considered to be classics. This, however, lands the Doctor straight into Sitcom territory and it does it very well indeed!

As I have stated on many occasions, the main reason I watch Doctor Who is because of the character of the Doctor and this episode was all about that weird, alien man. Putting this eccentric Timelord into an everyday setting of some average Joe's home and sitting back and watching the comedy flow was an inspired idea and, as I haven't read the comic strip that this was based on (also written by Gareth Roberts), I am intrigued as to whether it is as funny as this! Once again, the Doctor's alieness, humour and ability to make everybody around him better people were on show here and I had a very enjoyable forty-five minutes. There were so many laugh out loud moments. The Doctor greeting everybody with a kiss on each cheek, his threatening pose in a towel with an electric toothbrush in his hand, head butting James Cordon to fill him in on who he was and many more. This episode truly showed that Doctor Who can do any genre it likes, whether that be Gothic Horror, Sci-Fi, Period Drama and yes, Situation Comedy. The closest Doctor Who has ever been to out and out sitcom was "The Romans" where the TARDIS crew are spending a few weeks in a villa in Rome. The interactions between the first Doctor, Vicki and especially Ian and Barbara are a joy to behold and are probably the best thing in that story!

However, I do have a few concerns about this episode. For the second week in a row, the plot of the episode was sacrificed to allow the writer to achieve his main aim. Last week, there was an unnecessary and lacklustre story of the blind alien in order to allow Richard Curtis to explore Van Gogh. This week an extremely weak plot about an Alien hologram with a TARDIS like ship living upstairs. This story was hardly touched upon for the first half an hour leaving all to be explained and resolved in about ten minutes. As a result, we were left with unanswered questions. Why the mold? Who were the people trying to create a TARDIS and what went wrong? Now, I have read in an interview with Steven Moffat that the finale is an extremely complicated story in which every single episode of this season has been leading to. Maybe these questions will be answered and may play some relevance to the last two-parter... I just have my doubts somehow...

Once again, there were some affectionate nods to the Pertwee era. The Doctor is seen showering, something we haven't seen since the third Doctor's debut story "Spearhead from Space". The song he was singing is the same Pertwee was whilst driving Bessie at the beginning of "Inferno" and the device the eleventh Doctor was building in his bedroom was very much like a larger version of the very odd  jamming device the Third Doctor built when battling the Master in "The Time Monster".

Once again, despite really enjoying this episode and am really looking forward to rewatching it for the sheer comedy value, I cannot give this a 5/5 purely because of the weak story. However, I am pretty sure I have another 4/5 in the bottom drawer of my desk... So I will give it that. I won't mention my views on the overall quality of this season as I think you guys must know that by now!

Next week, the beginning of the big one. Daleks (I knew it), Cybermen, Sontarans, Slitheen, Drahvins (blast from the past), River Song, the promise of the destruction of the TARDIS and a strange entity in a box. I have faith in Steven Moffat but I really hope that he hasn't bitten off more than he can chew and I hope there isn't a huge red button with the word "Reset" written on it although, to be honest, I can't see how there won't be. We shall see in two weeks and for me, this Saturday cannot come fast enough!!!


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I'm increasingly amazed (and gradually distanced) from the Doctor Who fans on this site and even on the podcast. This was a truly dull and uninteresting episode. Like most in this series, the weak story is merely a means of pushing some clumsy character-driven shtick with a moral message. I can honestly say that as the weeks have gone by I've kind of forgotten what each episode was about and why I should care about the Doctor, Amy, Rory or that bloody crack.

Someone above said that they watch Doctor Who for the character of the Doctor, fair enough, but surely this series (like the RTD era) are wringing this character dry. The whole point of the 'Who' in Doctor Who is that the character is a mysterious guide through which we can explore vast and complex alien worlds and travel anywhere in space and time. If all we care about is the Doctor (i.e. the man) then pretty soon we will have a show that is so self-indulgent and inward facing that the TARDIS, the time travel and the interesting places and stories will start to take a back seat ... oh ... hang on that might have already happened.

The other problem is that if we obsess about the character of the Doctor then we'll eventually know everything about him in which case it will just become a series about a man doing stuff.

I'm sick of the repetition: Yes I know 'bow ties are cool'

I'm sick of Amy and everyone else SHOUTING their lines over Murray Gold's over-inflated and self-important Disney-style orchestral score.

I'm sick of the Shea Labeouf 'No, no, no, no, no' nonsense.

And I'm really sad that David Tennant's Doctor and the whole RTD era seem to have set a new template for the show so that it can never really experiment or change as it once did. I grew up with the fourth Doctor as a kid in the UK in 1970s and I've watched the show ever since. One thing I liked was that the Doctor changed and didn't just flash psychic paper around, wave a magic wand (sorry sonic screw driver) and rush around being smug while cutesy music references every comic gesture or dramatic moment so that the subtly is instantly washed away.

I guess I'm mourning the lost of a great show that was truly innovative, creepy, and thought-provoking. If this is all Doctor Who can be (even with Steven Moffat at the helm), then I guess I'll have to put up and shut up.

Just one thing: Why oh why can't we ever see the other rooms of the TARDIS? I could forgive a lot of the things I have ranted about above, if we could have a sense of how big the place is. Some people have suggested that this is a budget issue, but I'm not looking for complex CGI, just a few corridors and another set or two (even simple sets).

May be this is my problem with the new series in a microcosm. There are kids out there who have been watching since 2005 who think that the Doctor’s world inside the TARDIS is the console room. As a result we don’t really need to worry about what the TARDIS is, what it represents, or anything. It can have earth technology like pinball machinery to drive it since it’s really just a Mcguffin to get the badly sketched characters from one BBC colourful empty nonsense to another. When I was a kid I wanted to own the TARDIS even more than I wanted to be the Doctor. I worry that we have lost this excitement for adventure in all the fairytale moralistic BBC Auntie 42 minute international DVD sales consumerism that seems to epitomise the show today.

The day a new producer allows us to see characters in other rooms and corridors of the TARDIS will be the day that the series as a whole is a allowed to breath and be genuinely innovative once more. I look forward to that day.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the rant … I feel a bit better now.

As for the lodger: 1 out of 5 TARDIS groans ... and one extra large groan of disappointment. 

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First of all, may I say that your post was a very well written argument and you actually made quite a few good points which I actually agree with (I hope that doesn't sound patronising... wasn't meant to).

I did state (and stand by) my statement that I watch Doctor Who primarily for the character of the Doctor. As a child I always looked up to him and would have loved to have been him (I never wanted to be the companion). But, the other thing I love is the concept of the TARDIS. I still, to this day, hold out hope that I will get one one day although I am beginning to think it may not happen! A major criticism I have with new Doctor Who is the fact that the TARDIS is not exploited even nearly enough. That said, it never really was in the "classic" series either. It was mostly just used as a means of getting from one adventure to another. The size was exploited more in the Davison era to some extent but that is about all (and don't get me started on the scenes set inside the TARDIS in "The Invasion of Time", truly, truly awful). On the other hand, it was over-exploited in the Virgin New adventures where it was always breaking down or the dimensions would be creating cities etc). All that said, I would truly love to see more rooms inside the TARDIS but I don't see how that alone would satisfy your criticisms.

I am not of the opinion that good stories depend on a "Human Factor" and I would love to see the Doctor explore the universe of time and space more fully. Unfortunately, with the average audience demanding television that looks stunning the budget just isn't there. I love Doctor Who pre 1989 more than I do since it came back in 2005 but this is what we have now. And it is still very, very good but also very, very different. If I had my way, we would dispense with the high tec visual effects and go back to ropey looking sets in order to get off World and tell those types of stories again. Once again though, the majority of children would not accept this.

 One element that has improved though is the emotional content of the stories. These were far and few between in "classic" Who and has brought a new dimension to the character of the Doctor and to the companion.

As for the "Who" in Doctor Who, that went out a long, long time ago, as soon as we found out where he was from (1969) the mystery surrounding who he was disappeared. JNT and Andrew Cartmel were doing a great job of bringing back that mystery in McCoy's final couple of seasons and I would love Steven Moffat to try and do something similar. What I love about the Doctor's character are his ideals (even if he cannot necessarily live up to them), his confidence, his eccentricity, his genius and his alien quality. All these were on display in "The Lodger". In fact, you could easily have substituted the Eleventh Doctor for the Fourth in yesterdays story. The "Who" in Doctor Who now relates to how characters view him, not the viewer, and this was brilliantly executed yesterday. He was so eccentric and "out there" that if you were to meet him you would ask "Who is this guy... Doctor Who?" But as I also stated, I am concerned by the lack of story. Forty-Five minute episodes are too short. I really feel the show would benefit from being an hour long but, once again, I don't know whether the budget would allow it, not to mention the marketing abroad. I gave this a 4/5 not for the sci-fi aspect or even the story (which was pretty non-existent), why I gave it such a high mark is that the episode was trying to be a sitcom, and it did that brilliantly! I found it very funny and charming and that is was it set out to do. Heaven forbid it should try to do this every week. But as a one off, a comedy and as an example that Doctor Who (unlike any other show) can do any genre it wants, it succeeded very well indeed!  Doctor Who is not what it was, but it is still very imaginitive, unique in its ability to do any type of story, and has the whole universe to play with. Like you though, I wish they would explore more of it!

As for fans being "patient", I don't consider this to be the case for myself. I felt I was being patient last year with the really average "specials". Each one was a slight disappointment (apart from, maybe, "The Waters of Mars"). I genuinely have enjoyed these episodes. We have had strong stories and weaker ones but that has always been the case with Doctor Who. As I have stated before, for complex, adult stories I will look elsewhere (Carnivale, Six Feet Under, etc) but to be transported back to childhood, for fun, adventure with characters that I enjoy being with... I love Doctor Who. It still works even if it is completely different from the show I grew up with and continue to watch to this day (I watched two episodes of "The Invasion" just this morning). Doctor Who is primarily for children, we must not forget this and as I have said before, it is the most sophisticated childrens show I have seen or remember from my childhood. I will worry about the shows quality when the kids stop loving it, not when us die-hard fans do!!!

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Thanks for the reply. I think your comments capture the feelings of many fans and I commend them. I think I'm a bit of an outsider with Doctor Who these days and that's fine as I'm sure the viewing audience would probably hate the version of the show I would like to see. That said, I think that the BBC have lost their way with the idea of 'children's television'. The Lodger was a perfect example of how oddly inappropriate gags like headbutting and Amy on heat looking for a man (again!) pass for tea-time telly. I agree that the emotional dimension of the characters is very welcome, but why must that mean giving up the really clever and sophisticated stories. I always think about recent films like 'UP' that were made for children, but dealt with themes for children of any age. This is how I have always thought of Doctor Who and some of the best of the new series has captured this (albeit briefly), but the show now seems to be polarized between grossly adult content and childish (rather than child-like) stories and set-pieces (I'm desperately resisting the temptation to suggest that we need to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow ... almost). Like many this series, this episode was another Love and Monsters for me and I think that the show is perhaps too concerned with appealing to an amorphous (and largely imagined) 'typical viewer' and so has lost its exciting adventurous side that some writers might want to bring to the mix. As with RTD we now seem to have a finale that wants to throw every villain ever at the screen in the hope of outdoing all that have gone before – where will this end?

Hopefully next series we might see a less breathless set of episodes that move beyond the usual formula … I’m sure we won’t be but I can dream.

Oh, and I agree with your comments on over-using the TARDIS, but for me, the lack of attention to this very important part of the Doctor’s life is symptomatic of the blinkered view we sometimes get of this fascinating character and his world. Ironically, it sometimes feels that the more of the ‘human factor’ and emotions we have in episodes the less I can believe in the emotional life of the characters as time-travelling explorers. Perhaps the idea of the Doctor sharing a flat with a call centre manager from Colchester and playing football at the weekend is ultimately where the Doctor will end up if writers continue exploring this rather narrow idea of humanity.

There are plenty of emotional dramas, plennty of sitcoms, and plenty of space operas on TV. For me, Doctor Who always tried to be something different (even when it was drawing on existing ideas) and I hope that one day it can bring the best of the classic together with the best of the new series, but for me The Lodger just felt flat and dull ... something Who should never be. 


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I, too am a bit worried about the final two parts of this season as there do seem to be an awful lot to fit in. Hopefully we will get two extended episodes but even so. I am also guessing that we will not actually see all the villains mentioned, I mean, are they really going to throw in some gorgeous looking Dravhins into the mix. It wouldn't surprise me if we only see the Daleks and the Cybermen. I think though, that big finales have become so much the norm that it is expected now, and anticipated. Personally, I love a big finish to a season and have enjoyed all of the finale'ssince it's return in 2005 so I am not too bothered. Funnily enough, the only shows these days that don't have big climactic endings tend to be HBO series. They tend to build up the story arcs until the penultimate episode and then quietly deal with the loose ends in the final episode. Just something I have noticed.

As for your gradual distancing from Doctor Who. There is nothing wrong with a fan deciding that the show is no longer for them. Thankfully we live in an age of DVD's so we have all the classic series to enjoy (and we have 26 years of it at that). I would like to think that if it got to a point when watching the show has become a chore more than a pleasure then I would stop watching it. One can always keep an eye on it or give it another go a few years down the line. That said, you shouldn't distance yourself from the other fans just because they don't agree with your problems with the show. The majority of us are fans of the classic series and that will never change. If watching it becomes filled with the "heavy sighs of disappointment" then give it a break, keep an eye on the forums and wait to hear if the show sounds like it is more to your liking because, assuming the show stays on air it will change again, and again and risks will be taken for good or bad and as the discussions on these forums prove we all seem to want different things from our Doctor Who.

As I said though, don't distance yourself from the rest of us though... we are a community after all!!!

10/10. I guess when everyone's hating it, I love it. Truly loved it from start to finish. I dn't think the story was weak, the menace was there and people died and so Sophie was truly in danger at the end and if one thinks about LOVE AND MONSTERS, how that love couple ended up, it could have ended even worse than death. Yes, this was far better than LOVE AND MONSTERS and far better than almost any story this season )though I liked AMY'S CHOICE just as much).

When I heard this would be set on Earth and only Earth for the most part I thought Oh no boring one. THen I thought this idea has been done to death in comics and stories but to be honest, I can't recall most of those as being anything special. Thanks to the Doc's past and what we know about that and him, this so works on a very funny level as he mixes with two ordinary people played  by two very good actors. Sophie and the man (James? Clive?) both interact well with this strange, quirkly, handsome, well built man...who is an alien. Very very good and soo glad to see Matt Smith out of his really silly costume for a more ways than one...and SO glad to have Amy sidelined. Away from her, this Doctor really shines and in fact, they should have someone normal to have him interact with on a ep to ep basis as Amy is just not normal, nr played by anyone wiht any acting talent. Her "DOCTOR!" is annoying to say the least.

The homage to Pertwee's times are just great: the whipped up machine, the shower, the song in the shower. The floor vanishing...oh and I"m so glad they made the Doctor LIKE a cat and have that cat actually help him, much to the happiness of me. I HATE the idea that the 10th Doctor didn't like cats.

In any event, all of the stuff is very funny as he interacts and Matt Smith is comfortable doing it all and he can also walk in alien times and alien planets and Earth history just as well as this. HE is the Doctor and HE is darn near perfect all the time. THe time loops stuff was fun and added to the mystery and danger and the ceiling thing was scary...I hate wet spots in houses and mold and all that, not that I've seen much of that sort of thing but it's scary to me. I actually thought James (?) and Sophie could die and that amped up the action and story for me. Mind you, this was a smaller story, thank God and not an Earth shattering thing although it could have been in the end and I like this scale much better than crap like JOURNEY'S END, THE ELEVENTH HOUR, and BEAST BELOW as well as LAST OF THE TIME LORDS. THIS stands out as important, warm, positive for the most part and happy. DW should always strive for stories like this amid the other stuff, which is important too in a way, monsters, aliens, dark depressing eps but for me, this type of stuff is just as good but better in so many ways.

One knows when one has been cheated and this story did not cheat me in any way. It rose above the comic book material, bettered it with good script, good acting, and an overall positive impression. Matt Smith is not David Tennant, thank God. I like Tennant and the 10th Doctor but his Doctor always gave me a strong impression of being conceited with EVERYONE he meets and that sort of took away the naivete the Doctor could have, the innocence he could possess. This Doctor seems to be the most innocent of all and also a happy Doctor who reaches out to help EVERYONE, even depressed angry people like Van Gogh. He doesn't seem to think he's better than everyone and he's not in any competition with males to prove to females he's better such as the 10th Doctor always seemed to be. I love the 11th Doctor. If not all his stories and hate his companion.

NOt sure where the scenes to next week are going wtih Chelonians (from the novels) and others name checked but it could go toward a mind blowing RTD actioner like DOOMSDAY or a mess of crap like JOURNEY'S END or a rebutton hit like the mind awful LAST OF THE TIME LORDS or a puzzlement of nonsense like NEXT DOCTOR. Here's hoping that the next three eps are GREAT and to be honest, they have t be to save this season with such polar opposites like the great AMY'S CHIOCE, VAMPIRES IN VENICE, TIME OF THE ANGELS, and THE LODGER against flat out garbage like BEAST BELOW, 11TH HOUR, the lame Dalek dead in the water VICTORY OF THE DALEKS, FLESH AND BOREDOM...   

The balance is set to be tipped for this season. Will it be good or will it be bad overall? THIS is the true cliffhanger IMO for a season that's had some of the worst DW stories ever and some of the best DW stories almost ever...only time will tell and we have three weeks but frankly giant get togethers of monsters can work on a grand DOOMSDAY level if there is some other thing going on (Rose and the DOctor's love/near death/sseparation/ Rose remeeting Mickey/ Jackie meeting the alt Pete, Jake being well handsomely cute, etc). I just don't know if they can pull it can truly tip either way.

Again though to tget back to the LODGER: truly entertaining and it made sense. I don't care if the explanations came at the last moment: we could have figured it out anyway ala CITY OF DEATH but to be honest, this time, the alien/time loop thingie just was a back drop sub plot and IT made sense and wasn't too bad and it made the focus of the kind relationship between the two guest stars come together in a way that other stories couldn't because they had nothing to hang their focus on, no real relationship. The VICTORY story almost did it but had nothing going on for it, nothing real, nothing this human...

and even alien planet stories (Sorry RTD you are wrong) can have this stuff. If a writer can make me feel for the Zogs on the planet Zog (and RTD had one scene in END OF TIME on this planet...the bar scene and he didn't really make me feel much in that) then it can work.

LODGER: great, innovative, and highly positive going one better than the source material.

One minor quibble: I would have liked to have had a truly gay storyline: what if Sophie had been a man instead? That might have made things even more interesting.  



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Chase: "One minor quibble: I would have liked to have had a truly gay storyline: what if Sophie had been a man instead? That might have made things even more interesting."

Nice comments Chase as always, but I'm not sure I share your definition of 'interesting'. Watching two guys flat sharing (regardless of their sexuality) isn't really one of the reasons I become a fan of Doctor Who ... I'm a fan of Friends and Will and Grace, but I don't tune in for their space-based battles.

Hang on, reality check!!!

Why on earth should we be subjected to a 'truly gay storyline'?

I realise Doctor Who has something of a camp following and has had two exec producers (that I know of) have been gay (JNT and RTD) but hang on! I watch this show with my young nephews and nieces...I don't want to explain to their 7 year old brains why a man is kissing a man. Or a woman another woman come to that.

Let's just keep it a family show and not push any Gay Agenda. The BBC (and UK media) is rife with homosexuals as it is!

I'm not having a go at anyones sexuality...but don't try and push one over any other.

Yours ever

Paul M

South Shields UK / Kitchener Ontario

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'rife with homosexuals'!!! I believe you need to look at how you express yourself, sir. If you don't want to sound like you're 'having a go' then you are going the wrong way about it. And 7 years old is when kids need to be educated that any type of sexuality is acceptable so long as it is real love and doesn't hurt others. If not we run the risk of kids growing up as narrow-minded biggots. My daughter is 8 and has been watching the series since it came back - remember Jack's kiss with the Doctor? She didn't blink an eyelid. Long live the humansit agenda I say!

Hi Idiom

When I read back over my post I realised my language was a bit 'provocative' but I'm a Geordie and don't mince my words! I stand by the crux of my message though...I have experience of the BBC and found it is 'ran' by a Gay Mafia, but that's by the by...I'm just very bitter that I was never given a position with them because my face didn't fit (i.e. I was straight).

Sexuality has no place in Doctor Who imo...don't turn the TARDIS in a multi-dimensional time travelling knocking shop! Kill Daleks, save worlds but no sex...we have enough of that on the telly to start with. Anyway Sex on TV is over-rated...our lass and I tried it and kept falling off.

Yours ever

Paul M

Shields / Canada

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Wait a second, mate. Why would one need to explain to children why a man is kissing another man, if one doesn't feel compelled to explain the same to why a man is kissing a woman?

What do the producers sexuality have to do with it being a family show? What is this "Gay Agenda" that some people talk about? Where? Where? Wouldn't The Lodger being pusing the "straight agenda" in that case? If so, wouldn't it be just as offensive for a "family show"

So representing straight couples is okay for a "family show" but a gay couple would not?

I'm not having a go at anyones sexuality...but don't try and push one over any other.

Huh? If that is the case, why is The Lodger "pushing" straight sexuality? Representing one's sexual orientiation be it straight, gay, or bi is not "pushing it" it is simply a fact of life that the story is utilitizing to tell a story.

The Lodger would be just as good or bad reguardless of the sexuai orientation of the characters. It wasn't a story about sexual orientation, but simply unspoken love (which can apply to any orientation, although it could be more common for non-straight relationships due to homophobia (still sadly) ingrained in soceity). That is just like saying by having blonde people in the episode, is "pushing" the "blonde agenda" -- Please.

It's time to stop 'pushing' homophobia and hetrosexualism in the media if anything.

There hasn't been any "gay agenda" in Doctor Who.


Hi Louis

Thanks for replying to my message. All of what I answered to Idiom above applies here also. I have many gay friends, most of whom I've met as we are all Doctor Who fans and have no problem at all with them. However I stand by what I say about the BBC! Rememerr The Happiness Patrol when they painted the TARDIS pink and there were allusions to cottaging?

Sex, either straight, gay, bi or transgender has no place in Doctor Who (imo)...isn't the Whoniverse complicated enough as it is without bringing 'that' into the equation?

Yours ever

Paul M

England / Ontario

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You may think that sex has no place in Doctor Who (and I tend to agree) but Love certainly does. Do you have a problem with Susan falling in Love and kissing David at the end of "The Dalek Invasion of Earth?", or Jo getting engaged with kissing Professor Jones in "The Green Death?". These were great moments and you would have the show do without them? If you do consider these scenes  valid and having a "place" in the show, would it have made any difference if these two characters were falling in Love with a person of their own sex?

My point is that "The Lodger" was not about sex, it was a Love story, about two people finding Love between them and would in no way have been diminished (or sexualised) if it had been a Gay Love story. Just because two people of the same sex are falling in Love and kissing each other does not mean that it is a story about sex!

And I agree with the person who posted above. Children should be taught at an early age that homosexual relationships are as much a fact of life as a heterosexual relationships. The World would be a much more accepting place if we got to a point where we no longer had to have these kinds of conversations and it is through early education that this can be achieved!!!

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I agree with Dalzo. We are talking about love and relationships here, not the act having sex. The Lodger was about love and relationships, not sex. It would had been the same if the two characters were Craig and Shawn instead of Craig and Sophie.

We are not talking about including sex in Doctor Who. It is no more about sex than the relationship between the Doctor and Cameca we saw in The Aztecs way back in 1964 was about sex.

So having a same sex couple in Doctor Who is no more sexual than Rose and Mickey or Amy and Rory or various other relationships we have seen represented on the series over the last 47 years.

It has nothing to with with bringing 'that' into the equation, whatever 'that' is.

Transgenderism is not a sexual orientation or a sexual act either. Having a transgender character in Doctor Who would be no different either.


I see your point totally Louis. I'm being clumsy with my words (not a very good trait for a writer!) by equating sex with love...forgive me, I'm a newly wed...I may be obsessed!

Can I bring your attention to the behaviour of Barbara and Ian in 'The Romans' when they are acting in a very post-coital manner in one episode! Ha ha..they had definately done 'it'! And it was all in black and white without a Dalek to be seen!

I know there have been loving relationships in the show in the past but they were secondary, even tertiary, to the plot. The Doctor is a travelling time lord who is protecting the universe...a lone sentinel...he doesn't want Captain Jack to come and snog him on the whim of RTD who had carte blanche and could get away with it!

If I wanted to see love triangles and the suchlike I would watch Coronation Street and Eastenders...I don't so I won't (although my wife insists on filling me in about the events on 'The Young and the Restless'.

To be honest I see the 'companion falling in love with the Doctor' thing a lazy plot device used in the story arcs and I just hope Amy doesn't try the same thing now Rory is gone.

Thank you for your reasoned discussion!

Paul S.Mabley B.Sc.(Hons),MA

South Shields UK / Kitchener, Canada

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I agree that the whole "Doctor faliing in Love/having the companion fall in Love with the Doctor" thing is a little tiring and has been done to death and maybe shouldn't have been done at all. The Doctor, as far as I'm concerned should not feel any sexual arousals at all (certainly not with a nineteen year old girl... or humans, for that matter! Romana, maybe), although he should be steeped in compassion, caring, etc. However, we are not talking about the Doctor now, we are talking about human beings. There are no reasons at all why a Love story between humans (or human/aliens for that matter... just not the Doctor) should be excluded from Doctor Who! Love is a great thing (as you know, being a newly wed) and, as history has shown, makes up some of the best story's. the original point of your first post was to state that "The Lodger" would be worse if two men (or women) had fallen in Love as opposed to a man and a woman, not the Doctor falling in Love with his companion (or vice versa).

Also, in your last post, you didn't state whether the Ian and Barbara scenes in "The Romans" offended you or not. That said, I always took it as flirting and having fun. I don't think it was the production teams intention to suggest that they had "done it". In fact, William Russel has gone on record to say that they never thought their characters had ever done the act and that he always believed that after their travels they just stayed good friends. Personally, I like to imagine they got together... maybe I'm just an old romantic!

As for the kiss between Jack and the Doctor. That was not a snog... That was a goodbye kiss Jack gave the Doctor because he thought he was going to die (if only he knew...) and was never going to see the Doctor again. It was exactly the same kiss he gave Rose seconds before (did that offend you?) and was not of a sexual nature. The Doctor didn't kiss him back and no tongues were involved... I don't see the problem! Having said that, the Doctor, in previous episodes and scenes did jokingly flirt with Jack and had a sense of humour about his omnisexuality... but so did Jack, and Jack was a great character!

In "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances", the word "Dancing" is used as a metaphore for "Sex", which is pretty subtle, as is a lot of the jokey flirting and any other little references. With all these things, if a child is mature enough and pick up on these kinds of references or asks the questions that worry so many people then I would suggest that that child is mature enough to hear the answers... that's what education is all about! This is my last post on the matter but this has been a good, important debate... thanks to all involved!!!

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I haven't read the other posts yet, but I really was not impressed at all with this episode. In fact, the series will have to really hit two homeruns at the end for me to even consider buying the DVDs. There have only been 2 or 3 stories I liked enough to want to own so far. But I don't consider any of the stories this series to have been 5-TARDIS stories.

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I finally saw 'The Lodger' last night. All I can really say is OK.


The story was okay as a story but it didn't really grab me like many other episodes did. I think that I may have had pre-concieved ideas because I had just re-read a story called 'The Lodger" and had that in mind when I saw the "Doctor Who" episode of the same name.The book that I'm talking about was about a woman who rents out her spare room while a serial killer (a`la Jack the Ripper) is stalking the streets - Is the new boarder the 'The Avenger" and doing the killing?


I guess that the book just threw my notions of what the episode differed with the "Doctor Who' episode so much that it left me going - OK.


It was fun see Amy trying to pilot the TARDIS.


It looks like that this Doctor is a football (soccer in amerirican-speak) fan which harkens back to the 5th Doctor being a cricket fan.

What I don't understand is why the TARDIS reacted so violently to the time-distortion. It's been around outher time-distortions before and in some cases made some distortions - so why now? It could fit in to my theory about what's going to happen in the next two episodes and the cracks have a lot to do with what happened after the event.

There are still alot of unanswered questions out there and how does it all come together?

Will the rumors of the season ending on a cliff-hanger be true?

We know that the title of the next episode is "The Pandorica Opens" (followed by "The Big Bang") and River Song said in her last meeting with the Doctor that she'll see him then. We also know that this is set in Stonehenge. Another thing we can glean from the teaser is that a whole slew of creatures and races are going to be involved including The Drahvins - who haven't been seen since the William Hartnel Story "Galaxy 4". What are they all doing here?


Enough pondering about the next episode back to this one. I didn't really find much that stood out about it so I'lll give it a 3 (out of 5) to reflect my OK feeling toward it. I liked the trailer for the next episode better that this episode but again the episode was OK.

I'm more excited about the next two episodes than this one.


BTW: If you are interested in the book "The Lodger" I was refering to earlier you can find it here:

just select your favorite format from those listed in the drop-box and then click download.

Even after almost 100 years this book still has a few chills in it.

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I was hoping for some Hitchcock references too, since "the Lodger" was the title of one his first pictures.

Troy Baker's picture

The book I was referring to in my previous post is the one Hitchcock used as the basis for the movie.


Here's the wiki page on that movie:


Alfred Hitchcock's was the only version that was silent but there were remakes by others including radio versions on the radio series 'Suspense' and 'Mystery in the Air'. The wiki page above has a link to the 'Mystery in the Air' version on it.

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