The Big Bang - SPOILERS

Comedy Whirlwind - Posted on 26 June 2010

What on earth was all that about? Incredibly terrible writing relying mainly on the two worst elements of storytelling :-

1) And with one bound he was free

2) They wake up and it was all a dream

Utter utter utter nonsense!!!

Paul S. Mabley B.Sc.(Hons), MA

South Shields, England /  Kitchener, Canada

odessasteps's picture


loved the ending

timey wimey

Timey Wimey?

That's an excuse for someone who can't write. This episode was to storytelling what Jackson Pollock was to painting...just splash stuff about all over the place and call it 'art'.

Cliffhangers don't matter anymore as we know the Doctor can just go back and re-start the universe. Shoot a companion dead...oh, we'll just bring her back to life!

'Timey Wimey' has destroyed the basic premise of storytelling in Doctor Who. Blinovitch should be spinning in his grave!

Paul M


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Since when did cliff-hangers ever matter. I hate to remind you - 40 years and not once has the Doctor ever been killed. He always escapes. Always. No exceptions.

So why did The Doc not go back and save Sara Kingdom or Adric?

Although in the second instance its probably just as well ;)


Paul M


Idiom's picture

Nah! Who cares if it doesn't make 100% sense. Since time immemorial Doctor Who hasn't made sense (go and watch the Space Museum and tell me that that makes sense). Doesn't matter for me cos it made complete emotional sense. I loved it. It was joyous and for once we don't end the season on a downer. Look at the last 4 and a half seasons - we had 2 regenerations/ Rose getting sucked into another dimension/ the master commiting suicide and Donna losing her memory. But here for once it was a happy ending. I loved it and immediately want to see it again. My daughter loved it and immediately wrote a letter to Matt Smith. Fab!

OK, there were plot holes aplenty - the sonic screwdriver opened the Pandorical rather too easily, the reboot of the Universe was a bit of a Deus ex Machina ending, Auton Rory surived 2,000 years remarkably intact and sane, but hey - it's Doctor Who!  What do you expect - neat, concise, logical plotlines?! 

It was just one hell of a fun ride. The pre-title sequence alone was worth the watch. Great fun, good character bits (River getting the Dalek to plead for mercy - and you just knew she wouldn't give it, the Doctor thinking that Fezzes are cool, Amy suggesting to Rory that he only agrees with her because he's scared of her...). And it got into that odd bit in 'Flesh & Stone' where the Dcotor suddenly had his jacket back for one scene - not a continutiy eror at all. Oh, and unlike Dr 9, this one really can't dance!

Above all, it left some loose ends hanging for another season (who made the TARDIS explode? And why?), and we know we are going to get to the bottom of who River Song is after two and a half seasons' speculation. Well done Moffatt - keep it up at Christmas and next year. Only problem is the six month wait for any new Who!

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so easily for Rory, why couldn't the Doctor open it originally with it?

Like I said I thought it was great and can't wait to see a newlywed couple in the tardis.

Any minor nitpicking still laps any of the season finales by RTD.


If only they could have saved the fez...

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The Doctor was able to open it, he just wanted to find out what was inside first.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

DWNY a New York City based Doctor Who meet up group.

This episode was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed it because it was a fun ride, but i was expecting more of a serious tone out of this episode instead of the light hearted affair. I do like how it ended on a happier note then seasons past. i will probably have to watch it for a second time to really take it all in.


I really didn’t know what to give this, really. At times, it was brilliant, funny, exciting and hyper. Most of it was NOT well acted by any of the actors and I mean any. A lot of it was mundane, boring, silly, confusing, stolen from other places (in the NEW ADVENTURES Fitz was…replaced by a copy of himself), repetitive (end of universe, reset button), forced, and just plain unimportant. Truly, I wanted to give it an 8 or a 7 or even a 9 at times but overall, the effect was not a great one although for once, time was used as a major threat and catalyst. As it stands, confusion and boredom reigned and I give this a 5 and that’s really just because of the good dialog and some of the good ideas. Most of it is a giant mess. Rory an Auton? Doctor dying, Amy dying, Rory dying, River in a time loop, chase through a museum, Amy meeting herself and not imploding, Doctor time jumping, vortex manipulator. Another wedding. Truthfully the Doctor fitting in at a wedding? Maybe THIS Doctor can. No real meaning. NO real depth or feeling. And again, we have “tme will tell what I am, who I am” from River and a “something is coming” type thing. Sigh. And we’re stuck with the worst actress to grace a companion role. Some of the dialog was snappy and funny but for the most part the whole thing disappoints, treads old ground even among its own season, and just falls flat.


I don’t know, the entire show really had to do better and didn’t. Maybe in future but I doubt it. So the entire season was added up and averaged out and all that and it got a 54, if I round it might be a 55 out of a 100. Still failing. The show is failing. It’s just not good. Plain and simple. Of course that is even with brilliant scores for many episodes as follows: a 10 for TIME OF THE ANGELS, AMY’S CHOICE, VAMPIRES OF VENICE, and THE LODGER; a 9 for part one of the SILURIAN story part one, and a 7 for the VAN GOUGH story.


 The rest: not as good, couldn’t help but drag down the good. A 1 for 11th HOUR, a 0 for BEAST BELOW, a 3 for VICTORY OF THE DALEKS, a 0 for FLESH AND STONE, a 6 for the Silurian story part two, a 0 for PANDORICA OPENS, and a 5 for THE BIG BANG.  


Thankfully some individual stories save this season from being as poor as the TRIAL season or McCoy’s first season but only just. Doctor Who can be so much more but due to restrictions on it (production wants it to mirror what it was in the recent past with aliens and monsters all the time, poor acting, no money to really go all out into history and time) it will be the same old same old. It will return with more monsters, more returning beings and Daleks and Cybermen, convoluted confusing messy plots, deaths that have no meaning as the dying return and ridiculous explanations to things that don’t really make sense.    

 Other things seemed to be:  "here's the problem, now, I"ve got the solution, now le'ts go do the solution" and they did! That's boring!

Wow great finale!!!  

Loved the dangling themes that are coming up for Season 6.

I am so happy Moff has taken over Who.  Matt Smith did great this year. 

This show is what it is....a fantasy show.

All the haters out there just crack me up.   Complain complain complain...but there they are each week watching the show.  

Man....the producers came up with a great idea....make a show that these folks will hate and but will keep coming back to each week.  

Personally, If I dont like a show, I don't watch it.  Isnt that the smart thing to do?



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This season wasn't perfect, but IMO it was the best of the new series. All that matters to me is that despite being disappointed by a few episodes, I looked forward to watching it every week. I'll never understand fans that continue to watch a show that they don't enjoy watching 90% of the time.

I totally agree with starman.

Funny how the poll gives it 93% 5 but no one here seemed to like it.

As ever the only people who write the rot are those who have lost the key premiss.

DW is a kids show, written and designed for kids. It is full of excitement and joy. If you can't accept that and enjoy it for those reasons you're not a DW fan anymore and should move on.


Here's a call out for all those who are still a kid at heart.

Let's move amongst these forums of negative rot and put down some thoughts that inspire and maybe someone will read them in 40 years time and be inspired to resurrect an old kids show about a mad man in a blue box that really never made sense but were always full of wonder.


Love the finale

Love the season

Love the show


Stop this negative rot or go do something else. A.Wilx

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i just love how this show is THE show that brings my family together...with young adults in the fam its quietly amazing that the good doctor can create that 'lounge room family experience' that i grew up with....ahhh yes when the world was a simpler place.....hmmmm 

I have watched BB twice now...the moment that sticks in my mind is the 'twist' from Flesh and Stone - yes i totally like the rest, but that moment of imploring trust...yea...

So now its time to re-watch the entire season again...

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I called it "brilliant" and "great."


But I can see you missing it after the negative tomes written by the usual suspects.

Sorry, but I've got to lean towards the negative crowd with this one.

- Big Bang 2 is kinda neat in theory but all it really is, is just another phrase for universal reset button.

- All of The Doctor's enemies banding together and creating the pandorica box to trap him, and the best technology they can come up with is something that is easily opened by The Doctor's sonic screwdriver?  Come on...there's gotta be something the sonic screwdriver can't handle???

- I'm willing to accept the whole timey wimey aspect of things, but it just makes no sense how Amy remembering The Doctor can bring him back.

- The Dalek begging for mercy from River was too un-dalek-like.

2 out of 5.  Another series finale story that starts out good, but fizzles at the end.

I like Matt Smith a lot, and loved Rory in the few stories we had him.  But this might be the worst season since the series reboot.  imho, there were never any 5 star stories.  The rest were average or sub-par.  Series 3 might be worse, but Blink could the one saving grace from that season to pull it out of the gutter.


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Amy was in the Pandorica for 1894 years. Her memories, in addition to the billions of other particles in the Pandorica are the template for restoring Creation.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

DWNY a New York City based Doctor Who meet up group.

Someone on another forum said it better than I could:Quoted: "Being a fan does not work like this and you know it. Being a fan means passionate response, both positive and negative. No general viewer is as wowed or as irked by stories as we are. Being a fan is to accept an obsession and to feel moments of betrayal as well as utter elation, depending on the story. The responses don't even skirt with rationalism. Serials such as 'Gridlock', 'Turn left', 'Amy's Choice' and 'Vincent' have made me feel as happy to be alive as time with my wife, a successful day at work, or reading a sublime book that I just can't put down. Telling people to stop watching because they don't like it shows a lack of understanding of fannish compulsion and remains the last line of defence for people who can't embrace diverse opinions. Not liking one story - or even a whole series - does not constitute this. "



Hi all

I'm sorry if I upset anyone but I still feel 'The Big Bang' was an incredibly poorly constructed episode. Also I don't fully agree that Doctor Who is a children's programme (not that this should be used as an excuse for sloppy writing either); its is a show for young adults! Just out of interest I wonder what the average age of us lot on here are...I'm 37.

Moffat seems to have dumbed down the show to sub Sarah Jane Adventures level and, as I said in an earlier post, 'Timey Wimey' is being used as a convenient plot device when Moff has written himself into a corner. He really needs a script editor who isn't afraid to say 'Sorry, this is crap'.

When I sit down to watch Doctor Who I want to be entertained and most of the time I am, but I feel I have the right to constructively criticise the show I love when it falls short. If we all agreed it would be boring!

My 13 year old nephew loved it....

Yours as ever

Paul S. Mabley

South Shields, England / Kitchener, Canada

Responding to some responses...I don't think every episode is perfect.  What show is?

A show is different for each person.  I could think it was a great show, but the fellow next to me could hate it.  Thats great.  I love hearing some of the reasons for differing opinions.  But the haters on here just go on and on about the bad things.  Heck state your point once then move on.  I dont think most people will care if you state your opinion.  

But what goes for you has to go back to the others.

Fine you hate a show/episode great...But if a person comes on here and states that they liked the show and give reasons so what.  Unless they specifically ask you for a counter, why respond.  Heard ya once that is all I need.

This goes for the the pro folks too.  Do we need the flame wars when people disagree?  

I dont care if you like the show or not...all that matters to me is if "I" liked the show. This goes the same to the ones that don't like it.  Why do you care so much that I agree with you?

I thing this forum is great for meeting folks and kicking out thoughts and discussion.  But at the end of the day, I'm not trying to persuade you to my cause.

Ahhh but if only we all could do this.

In my garden, the following day, my kids and their friends where playing.

One was the doctor and he was pointing his toy sonic at a cardboard box.

In the box sat my eldest daughter who was Amy, my youngest daughter was "little Amy" holding her sonic.

"come on daddy, you can be Rory. You're made of plastic and dead but it's ok because you love Amy and the Dalek doesn't get you"

Damn, I wanted to be a Dalek!


Troy Baker's picture

Overall; I liked the episode. but I have a cople of points...


First we have a paradox - how did the Doctor get out of the pandorica to give Rory the sonic screwdriver in the first place? Yes I know that Rory opened the pandorica and released the Doctor and the Doctor transports in time to give Rory the sonic screwdriver but how did he get out to do it? Looks like a temporal paradox at work here.


Now a little niggle - why were the Auton Replicants called duplicates in this story? In 'Spearhead from Space' and 'Terror of trhe Autons' they were called replicants not duplicates - so why the change now?


Okay, on to the wedding1 I'm not a big fan of weddings but it had to be done since the season had set up for the wedding since 'The Eleventh Hour' so this created closure on that point.  Now what are Amy and Rory going to do on their honeymoon - they go with the Doctor. It looks like that they have developed a taste for adventure.


Tsk, tsk, tsk. River what did you do to put such fear into a dalek? I think this is the first time I've ever seen a Dalek beg for mercy. What did that Dalek know about River Song?


While on the subject of River Song, why did she apologize now for something that hasn't happened yet? What could be so bad that she felt that she had to?


Overall a good conclusion for a good story I'll give it a 4 out of 5.


PS: Who was that on the phone at the end? and it looks like the Christmas special will be set on 'The Orient Express" in space. and who is the egyptian goddesss that's on the loose? Too bad we don't know the title. See you then!

Hi All

We all love Podshock, but can I also suggest you all give THE OOD CAST a listen (if you haven't already).

I love their excitement, humour and considered reviews. They're able to discuss all the highs and lows, home-runs and shortfalls in a way that is entertaining humorous, is never a whinge and never takes themselves or the show too seriously.

Their comic skits and songs are very good and the production is amazing.

I think the bar has been raised, give them a go. I recommend ep Childish Things.



Aurelius's picture

For those of you who haven't read this, a link to a very thoughtful article "explaining" the Big Bang. Love it or hate it, it makes sense.



"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)

First we have a paradox - how did the Doctor get out of the pandorica to give Rory the sonic screwdriver in the first place? Yes I know that Rory opened the pandorica and released the Doctor and the Doctor transports in time to give Rory the sonic screwdriver but how did he get out to do it? Looks like a temporal paradox at work here.


It seems that the Moff is using the Bill & Ted time travel theory where the future can loop into the present. Hard to swallow for some I'm sure.

Anyway, best finale since Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. Very exciting season and can't wait to watch it on DVD. I can forgive plot holes if the epsiode is exciting enough.

I'm glad the Moff is using an era arc not just a season arc.

My only nitpick is that some episodes felt rushed due to the time constraint.

For those still struggling to understand the finale I found these. One is an in-depth Q&A and the other a visual timeline:

Explaining Doctor Who: The Big Bang

Series 5 Finale Timeline Visualized

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