Chase - Posted on 01 July 2010

Just saw this and I must say the movie is just about perfect. I'm no TWILIGHT fan but this movie rapidly can make me one or has made me one. I tried to read the first book and balked at the writer's style. It's just not my cup of tea. THe first movie was okay I'd give a 7 out of 10. The second movie was leaps better, a 9 out of 10. But this movie is a 10/10. The story is good, Kristen even manages to make Bela smypathetic and likeable somewhat, Robert Patterson acts his socks off and NO ONE looks better than Taylor Lautner. The settings and locales just cannot be more beautiful and the cinematography is stunningly visually gorgeous. Rob manages to finally give the vampire an old age wisdom that makes him overcome his lovelust and realize his love and his intelligence comes to the fore to nt only make him seem older than both Bela and Jacob but to use it to forge a relationship with both. There is some talk and it's meaningul and interesting, especially between Jacob and Edward; between Bela and Rosalie; Bela and the Civil War vampire. The Civil War vampire and Rosalie's backgrounds are explained in sensitive, scary ways. There is some humor from out of the situations and characters. The music is pretty good. The movie dropped those vampire "flying" scenes. What I don't get is why more movies and tv shows don't get it this right. It's just about the perfect movie ever made and that's saying a lot. THe pacing was right, the casting spot on. Are Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright really vampires? No, but they sure made me feel, even in their small parts, that they were made for these characters. They are totally chilling. The main villains, Riley and his sire Victoria, are spot on villianious with Victoria a smart villain who only has to show her face when she has to, rather than gloat all the time. She's just great as a villain. And possibly Riley looks just as good as Taylor. Oh and there's lots of action that makes sense and feels right and futhers the plot. Now if only the current season of DW had got it this right or will next year but that's a total fantasy. In the meantime this movie totally rocks!
In the meantime, can DW get anything right? The Magazine can't get its cover to stay on or the numbering to show up on the outside cover, the DW Adventures magazine had a recall toy, and the 5th season dvds don't have the NEXT TIMEs on the dvds! I tell ya DW sucks.  

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