can you outgrow Doctor Who?

Chase - Posted on 19 July 2010

Another forum had this as a question and I thought my response should be put here too: Truth is DOCTOR WHO as a concept can go anywhere and do anything and who can outgrow THAT? That idea, concept can allow one to just love the show and the ideas it represents. Sometimes it even lives up to that premise but as someone else mentioned it all feels a bit too smart assey and self absorbed and "FUN" and "Dark" and all those catch phrases without having an outstanding season this year overall despite a handful of 10/10 episodes. It plays it safe on the other episodes and with the poor companion choice. DW is and always will be the ultimate adventure, however with it comes some problems: since it has no real roots that it cares to explore in any meaningful way, it does move around time and space and thus we never really get to explore one place in detail such as shows like THE TRIBE or SURVIVORS or ARK 2 or any number of other shows that give us time to get to know a place, a setting and athe people. Not that DW couldn't do that if IT TRIED but it doesn't really try any more, as of 2010 and I'm talking the 2010 stuff given to us by both RTD and Moffat but mostly Moffat. DW canand does suck right now but eps like LODGER and VAMPIRES IN VENICE keep it fresh and exciting but sh...stories like the first three, the second p;art of Angels this year FLESH AND STONE and that horrid season two part ending make the show trite, uninvolving, confujsing, sillly, and ;poorly acted, poorly written and it is so beneath that action/emotional premise of traveling anywhere, getting to know tghe past and different cultures, finding out about new things. Instead we're "treated" to Amy's whining, Amy's jum;pin of both the Doc and Rory, Rory's death TWICE, the Doctor's death, Amy's death...and they all live again, whamm bang. Delete tension, delete wonder, delete solid storytelling. So No it's not possible to outgrow DW but it is possible to get fed up with it's constant back patting on a pat season that is filled with garbage, poor dialog at times, poor acting alot (mostly from Karen), gimmicks all over the place, a non continuity with what's gone before---I mean why bring back monsters if they're not going to be along the lines of the old ones, both the angels and the Silurains, and/or the tension...the Daleks are laughable this season, totally boring and Daleks shouldn't be. In any case, DW is once more slow moving, with fake emotions (unlike the way it was from 2005 to 2009), and means NOTHING. Evberything can be reversed. Everything is allright. I'ts just terrible right now and yeah, one can accept that I've outgrown putting up wiht poor scripts and constand back slapping and fake applause on total crap and that's what this season came close to being.

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