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Chase - Posted on 22 July 2010

Here are some ramblings to questions on another forum:



NO. Never will we see a  full season of shows in future that does not have returning monsters/villains. It's also established that they want and care about only ratings, which I guess is understandable. They go with what is working and has worked in past so no real innovation any longer, no real taking a stand any longer like say having someone who dies stay dead and/or having a different type of companion. I don't mind returning villains and monsters as long as there is a good story AND the look is right and the backstory is right. If you are not going to stay with esblished history then acknowledge that such as in the AGE OF STEEL/RISE OF THE CYBERMEN which both had a lot right about them, moreso than say, the Daleks, Angels, and Silurians stories this poor season. By changing the Silurians so much and then just about remaking the story, by taking all the real power from the 2005 DALEK and PARTING OF THE WAYS and sapping it into sappy giant bulky monsters who can't shoot a target right infront of them, by making the Angels STUPID and IMPOTENT then why bother brining them back at all? If you can't get them right, then don't change them or reboot them. The Cybermen worked because they were brought back with a totally new history and a FINE improved look. The SILURIANS were anything but improved, almost Klingons. So NO the new show will never not have monsters, or something like that! They certainly will never do a pure historical. Thus you'll be getting Omega next season and I wouldn't be surprzied if the Rani and/or Romana show up some time soon. The show sucks now and needs to get over itself and stop the back slapping, stop weorrying about merchandising and stgart making the show work again.



Yeah people settle for fun season openers set on Earth with little fluffy "monstrs" being raised by a nanny, unfunny comical bits, retreads of other things and a few snappy dialog moments. In a series that can GO ANYWHERE and DO ANYTHING, we're stuck on Earht with little fat monsters that come out of fat peoeple. Not funnuy but way offensive and creepy and not in a good way. No pace, no urgency, nothing. Just my opinion but it stinks.


Truth is DOCTOR WHO as a concept can go anywhere and do anything and who can outgrow THAT? That idea, concept can allow one to just love the show and the ideas it represents. Sometimes it even lives up to that premise but as someone else mentioned it all feels a bit too smart assey and self absorbed and "FUN" and "Dark" and all those catch phrases without having an outstanding season this year overall despite a handful of 10/10 episodes. It plays it safe on the other episodes and with the poor companion choice. DW is and always will be the ultimate adventure, however with it comes some problems: since it has no real roots that it cares to explore in any meaningful way, it does move around time and space and thus we never really get to explore one place in detail such as shows like THE TRIBE or SURVIVORS or ARK 2 or any number of other shows that give us time to get to know a place, a setting and athe people. Not that DW couldn't do that if IT TRIED but it doesn't really try any more, as of 2010 and I'm talking the 2010 stuff given to us by both RTD and Moffat but mostly Moffat. DW canand does suck right now but eps like LODGER and VAMPIRES IN VENICE keep it fresh and exciting but sh...stories like the first three, the second p;art of Angels this year FLESH AND STONE and that horrid season two part ending make the show trite, uninvolving, confujsing, sillly, and ;poorly acted, poorly written and it is so beneath that action/emotional premise of traveling anywhere, getting to know tghe past and different cultures, finding out about new things. Instead we're "treated" to Amy's whining, Amy's jum;pin of both the Doc and Rory, Rory's death TWICE, the Doctor's death, Amy's death...and they all live again, whamm bang. Delete tension, delete wonder, delete solid storytelling. So No it's not possible to outgrow DW but it is possible to get fed up with it's constant back patting on a pat season that is filled with garbage, poor dialog at times, poor acting alot (mostly from Karen), gimmicks all over the place, a non continuity with what's gone before---I mean why bring back monsters if they're not going to be along the lines of the old ones, both the angels and the Silurains, and/or the tension...the Daleks are laughable this season, totally boring and Daleks shouldn't be. In any case, DW is once more slow moving, with fake emotions (unlike the way it was from 2005 to 2009), and means NOTHING. Evberything can be reversed. Everything is allright. I'ts just terrible right now and yeah, one can accept that I've outgrown putting up wiht poor scripts and constand back slapping and fake applause on total crap and that's what this season came close to being




like Doctor Who just not the current CBBC effects WHICH it does have. Have you seen those eye monsters in the very first Moffat ep in season five? I don't even care about how hokey THOSE look but the story sucked, lacked adventure and fun and more importantlly meaning. It was not entertaining. Additionally, you feel the show does nto have childish portrayals...uhm, Amy wants to prove she wants the Doctor so she acts the way she does for what reason? She's a huge childish portrayal all the way through. SO is Rory. He hasn't got his facts straight but he then decides anyway to stay and guard Amy...despite not knowing the box is 100 percent indestructible...and the childish Doc doesn't tell him. Instead of working on video games that are only available to some countries and not others, perhaps the makers of the show and the actors could put their energy iknto actually making a show that has good effects, excellent scripts all the time rather than three or four, and good acting from Karen and less childish portrayals. Truth is these things have ALWAYS affected the show from 1963 on wards (have yo useen Dodo? Have you watched Susan or Vicki? Victoria? Zoey?) but during theyears 2005 to 2009 it was less so (mind you there were some unshinging moments such as PARTNERS IN CRIME). The show has not done well quality wise this year and that's what I'm feeling




Wow. Where to start. Since the start of the NEW series, this season is most like the classic show and yet...people say they've outgrown that version but like this season? I guess. Truth is: when people start complaining about audences having to have everything spoonfed to them, they are really just trying to explain large gaps in plot and logic and story and characters that the writers should have worked out when telling their so called story or stories. One show that didn't spoonfeed us much is THE PRISONER because most of it was worked out. Unfortunately the ending was a mess just like the seasoner ender of the 5th season. Just because we're not being spoon fed doesn't mean you can't give us things that make sense or characters that have some emotional response that is..well, realistic. Say what you want about Rose, Donna, and Martha, almost all the time they had responses that seemed real, that made us or rather me, feel something. Amy is NOT like that at all, she's the worst companion of all time because we should be getting something different, something emotionallhy sound and stable after the other three OR more of the same played by a good or better actress.

At the same time a show like THE PRISONER can get away with so much because of what it was making us think about: society, our role in it, individuality, technology and how it can affect our lives for the worse or better, mindthink, groupthink, brainwashing, manipulation, loyalty, etc. It has scope and can not spoon feed us because of what it can make us THINK about. What does DW give us this season to make us think about? NOTHING. It's running around. What does a poorly thought out time warp mess make us think about? How it doesn't work? Okay you might say the Silurian story made us think about how a mother can rise to protect her children...but then we're really spoonfed by the Doctor or how he's written by him saying that response was wrong...when he kills all the time! It really does not the scope to not give us some explanation. DW doesn't have the scope of THE PRISONER to not "spoon feed" or explain some things. It CAN and it was reaching for that for the 2005 to 2009 seasons and almost made it and made it entertaining and mindful of love and loyalty BUT this season almost wiped out the meaning of those first four years of trhe new show. If you want science fine but DW was always really magic disguised as science, not real science. I don't need a lot of science in it but some would be nice rather than "I'm using this teleporter to go bouncing around my own personal timeline thoughnt I'mnot going to in futujre " bs.

None of this season plays on the great base that was set up in
2005, a Doctor who feels things and interacts with believable human people. Amy is more alien than the Doctor in many ways. For one, she seems cut off from her emotions in most of the first half of the season. Now in and of itself, that might have worked as a character development the hands of Karen, it just doesn't work. We can't have a female comp to identify with and also have her cut off from feeling things. She feels less than the Doctor and indeed when she does express emotoins early on in the Dalek story and in the Silurians and so forth, it just doesn't ring true because...of the pooor writing and her poor acting. Almost nothing she says rings true. We or rather I don'[t identify with her as we would with a Sarah or a Rose or even a Dodo, Polly, Ben or Harry. Amy just is not a real person. She's a fairy tale...not even a princess...a fairy tale goblin that isn't real, that has psuedo parents who also don't ring true, aren't funny or engaging just like their fake daughter. The entire comp thing just was WRONG this season, including Rory's desire to "protect" her, her desire or confusion about which boyfriend to pick...we've seen it already and athere are no twists to make this different and it's not written or played well. It falls flat almost every time it dominates a story with some exception. With some exceptoin the season was just terrible, hit all the wrong notes at all the wrong times.

i found myself saying, "What are they doing?" many times during this season, almost always during a poor story, not a good one (and you can count the good ones on one hand, THE LODGER, VAMPIRES OF VENICE, AMY'S CHOICE, and one or two others). Going i the direction the eventually chose for the two part finale...a small runaround in a museum devoid of any action, devoid of any tension, devoid of any menace, devoid of any real emotional ties...was just sad really. As for the oft mentioned, Doc at the bedside of Amy...even that does not wring true. Then the Doc vanishes, but Amy can wish him back into her memory when we're already told she couldn't but oh, the angels were in there too so...what? I don't get how anyone can like those last two episodes or the first three for that matter or the second halves of both the Angel story and the SIlurian story. Too bad I like Dw so much and hate this season just as much. It's conflicting and annoying.


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