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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 24 July 2010

So after watching this DVD a couple of times a quick review.  Of course I should be the one to tell you about this release, Patrick Troughton's 2nd Doctor being my favourite Doctor despite being born in the Time of Pertwee.  This Story see's the Doctor land the Tardis on the Planet of Dulkis for a Vacation, on an Island that the Doctor has forgotten to check for Radiation.  Meanwhile the Dominators have landed on the Island and are preparing a site for drilling supported by the Robotic Quarks.

This adventure gets a worse rap than it deserves, due to the fact in the Time of the 2nd Doctor that there were some more memorable stories.  Most fans would swap this story for, "The Web of fear" or it's linked predecessor "The Abominable Snowmen" Which in all honesty I would too.  But with that said It's still good that this story exists, it shows the the reason why this Tardis Team works best and despite this being Zoe's first outing after the wheel in space, how she fits perfectly into the Tardis crew.  Jamie gets to be shown to be the Hero we all know he was, by running the Dominators and the Quarks a merry little dance.  The Doctor has some of his most memorable moments, rewiring a transport as it travels in Air with the Doctor and Jamie inside.  

Two British Televisual stalwarts of the late 60's though to the 80's are here in roles not normally associated with them, the Obvious one Being Ronald Allen as Navigator Rago.  Also Brian Cant as Tensa is more usually seen on Children's Television, and I indeed grew up with him presenting Playschool as a toddler, often with Floella Benjamin (SJA) too.  Of course Brian Cant was previously seen in the Daleks Masterplan along with Nicholas Courtney, playing Kert Gantry. 

So to end this review, THE EXTRA'S 

As usual a commentary with Frazer and Wendy, but also Giles Block(Teel) Arthur Cox(Cully) Make up artist Sylvia James and moderated by Toby"Moths ate my DoctorWho Scarf"Hadoke. 

The Documentary "Recharge and Equalise" goes into the usual production problems and especially with this one, where the script got so cut up, that the original Script writers demanding that their names to be removed from the Titles.

Tommorrow's Times looks at the 2nd Doctors time in the media (Newspapers), and finaly the usual Radio Times PDF, subtitles and such forth.  Because this is a Five part story and it also being a single Disk release there's not much space for anything else, apart for an Easter egg, say no more.  

In conclusion, it's no matter how bad a story is perceived in general when so few complete storys exist anymore for the whole Troughton period, even his regeneration only exists because of Blue Peter.  It's a joy when one of the few gets a release on DVD.  So now that leaves only "The Krotons" as the last complete story for release, though if 2Entertain want to release "The Ice Warriors"  as it came out on Video, I would most definitely buy it. 

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