Chase - Posted on 25 July 2010

Yeah. At first, I thought: this was an interesting way to do something different and in a way it is. In fact, if this were an anthology it might be half the fun and quirky fantasy this THOUGHT it was. It is actually kind of clever but in a way as someone above mentioned, who would answer an ad for a time traveler. I also thought it was most out of character for the Doctor until later when there's an explanation for it all...but again, what kind of villain would do this? And the "tests" were all kind of cliche boredoms so even when there is action, there really isn't. In fact, the dialog is sometimes awful and often inappropriate for the action ("What's a maser gun?" "I could tell you or we could just go and hide and get of range for cover").

Paul tries his best but he sounds bored and tired as I was thanks to listening to this. I know I go on and on about how BF has changed but...really. I looked back at some of the years' releases over time and really in 2008 and 2009 they were doing some of the best stories DW ever had and having interesting twists and changes and innovative, true blue dramatic stories. I didn't always agree but bar ZAGREUS (which was TERRIBLE), they had mostly great output.

These days, I wonder why I bother. I love DW I guess and don't want to miss an adventure but these hardlly qualify as adventures. They're either send ups as this is or dark, dark tragedies. Everyone also plays this as if they know they're in junk and it comes off as panto, or quirky fun rather than an action adventure with light overtones. No one sounds real in this. The settings change from time to time without a real explanation and the voices all sound the same. I could barely tell who was who and to be honest, after a time, I di dn't care or try.

It might work better as one of the quirkier TV episodes but as it stands I gave it a four/ten I think. Eddie Robson? Really. Let him go off and do other things. Let him leave BF. He's not as clever as he thinks he is. oh and...



wasn't it VERY obvious that these days the companion is NOT going to be a man!
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