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Chase - Posted on 29 July 2010

BATMAN UNDER THE  HOOD: for anyone who knows the story of Jason Todd, the JOker, the Red Hood and the Black Mask this is...STILL BRILLIANT. Well drawn, well acted, full of action sequences, and emotional drama this never dissapoints and takes what took YEARS in the comics to do a fast paced story. Of course, the ending is a bit...well open ended but I can understand that and there are allowances for the years of storylines that took place in the middle of this epic story...for instance how many times did Jason Todd supposedly return and yet it wasn't him? This takes the entire Jason returns thing and makes it REALLY good. I was very entertained by it and I knew the whole story pretty much. I don't think anyone watching it will be dissapointed. IF you don't know the Jason Todd storyline...I mean are you a BATMAN fan at all or just a casual viewer? Either way you will like it I think.

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