Matthew Waterhouse's new book

Chase - Posted on 29 July 2010

This is a hoot but I wonder if it all really happened and what else he left out. It seems he left some stuff out that he talked about on the dvd commentaries esp of FULL CIRCLE. He also does not talk much about Peter Davison, which makes me wonder. He really makes me think Tom Baker, much as I love him as the Doctor, is a big AHOLE. In addition, Lalla Ward is not much cop either as she sounds awful and very high and mighty. Matthew once slept on NYC 's streets or rather benches and once stayed or lived on Long Island. He talks about being gay casually and about living in the US among mostly other DW things. A good read but ODD.     

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I went to an evening with Matthew Waterhouse recently and very charming & entertaning he was.

Brought his book and got him to sign it. The book is an absolute hoot.

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