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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 02 August 2010

Ok, OK! so it's not a TV episode, but it's something I've been wanting after realising we've had every other combination of numbers of Doctors up to five, but not four.  I would have written earlier about this but there was one FACT that was unclear.  Yes it's free to subscribers but! which Doctor Who ranges would be included?  and as far as I can make out it's the Monthly Doctor Who Range subscribers who get this little gem in their fists.

Big Finish has done this on a regular basis last year saw the release "An Earthly Child" a 8th Doctor and Susan tale, but unlike that release, Big Finish has said as of going to press that this adventure would never be released other than to Subscribers.  Now I see three points here 1.) Big Finish would make an absolute wad of cash if they eventually released this for general sale.  2.) That they must make enough that they can "AFFORD" to do this, but in fact this is very nice present to their subscribers if it remains so.  3.) Internet piracy, maybe at some point this is going to end up on a torrent site.  Great for those who don't want to subscribe but bad for Big Finish, as they may have lawyers but I doubt they have the clout of the BIG Music labels, and I personally would rather see the money going into Big Finish's pockets because this is quite literately how future productions are funded.

Though if you are an honest person there are two ways about this, 1.) Wait until somebody Sells their copy on eBay (probably for also for a wad of cash)  or 2.) Big Finish does have the 6 month subscription option, but do remember don't start too early or you'll miss the release all the same.  my tip is the CD offer, it can cost less in the long run because as soon as the story is released, you also are entitled to the MP3 download as well.  You can contact big finish on the telephone: +44 1628 824102 or alternatively email them 

A final bit of Information The release will be with BF 142 which is a 5th Doctor and Nyssa story the Title is as of the moment unannounced.  Thanks to Big Finish sales for the missing Information.

First, this will very likely end up on a torrent site the day it is released. There is no 'at some point' to wonder about.

Second, in going over the previous special releases, it looks like Big Finish has been making them all available to buy eventually. I find it hard to believe that they would never do the same with this one.

Just like Doctor Who: Podshock, supporting subscribers to Big Finish get extra content like this one. If you enjoy the work they do and wish them to continue, support them by becoming a subscriber. We ask the same for our audience as well.

We do not advocate getting it by any other means. I am sure that is not what Graeme was suggesting to do in his post here. If you circumvent the means of BF or for that matter any other content provider of getting funded, they will no longer be able to produce the content you enjoy so much. They (BF) have to pay the actors involved, they also have their cost of business, not to mention paying their own staff.


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This was exactly my point.  I find it good and bad that Big Finish does this for such an Important release.  Good because as I said it gives the Subscribers, who are Big Finish's bread and butter Customers something for their loyalty.  Bad because someone will indeed at some point torrent it, which means they will lose out on the potential money this would otherwise bring in was exactly the point I was making, because unlike the BBC the only money they make is from sales of Product.

I'm sorry, but why am I being berated over this? I know what Graeme meant. I was simply pointing out the reality of the situation, just as he was in bringing up piracy in the first place.

As somebody who can spring for the occassional release, but not for a subscription, I would like to think this will still see a general release some day.

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