Myth Quest

Chase - Posted on 11 June 2009

It's worth tracking down this 13 part---God, this show deserved a fuller life and more seasons---series. You've probably seen the entire cast in other things ranging from the tv show DRACULA THE SERIES and DEGRASSI and other places, most of them Canadian actors. The story goes something like this: a man finds out that the computer he has made using an interconnection with an ancient loadstone has virtual reality myths from all cultures inside it...and they're all real realities in side it. An evil man from one of these comes out and tries to take the loadstone or does take it (I'm a bit fuzzy on this plot point as it's been a awhile since I saw it). the father vanishes---eitehr hiding from the man or kidnapped into one of the myth time zones. He has a son and a wheelchair bound daughter who figure out what happened or rather some of what happened and each week the son, at first, and then the daughter, who is not wheelchair bound inside the computer...usually....go inside and try to find him. There are myths from Japan (in a great episode about a Japanese ghost demon), England (Dracula), Greece, Africa, and a few others. To say this show rocks is an understatement. The kids eventually have to reveal this to an old protege of their father's and I'm not sure but the mom figures it out too later on I thnk. There are also a few books based on the series but it is the series and the bravery of it to portray a few never before seen myths and...a major character dies!    

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