Dark Oracle (2004)

Chase - Posted on 11 June 2009

This series is also worth tracking down (Ioffer.com). It is also from Canada and has that Canada flavor and then some. The story goes something like this: a brother and sister have counterparts inside a cursed comic book but we don't know that right away. The cursed comic book issue one has something that starts to happen, usually portending an event in the future that usually looks dangerous or deadly even. The bro and sis have to stop the event...if they can. In the meantime, they don't know it but the book has many many issues and they can't get rid of it, ala FRIDAY THE 13TH THE SERIES cursed objects. If they try, it keeps coming back and can't be destroyed. The counterparts inside the comic want out. And there's something sinister or not about the man who runs the local comic book store. Cultish even. There's a goth girl that works there that is a nice character who falls for the brother of the sister. There's also a clownish sidekick for the brother. And the sister has her lovelife problems, what wiht a cursed comic book and missions to save someone's life almost weekly. Add to that, in order to come out the cursed counterparts have to trap their real world counterparts inside the comic. In short, a GREAT series. There's also some evil that seems to be controlling the situation and a frog that may or may not be a real frog...who accidnetally gets kissed by the brother and turns into a young man who...well, that would be telling. The young man is ala ANGEL or the fool from TWILIGHT...an angsty anti hero who may or may not be on their side...   

The actors you may or may not have seen before. The girl who plays the sister has been in the current seasons of DEGRASSI and other things; the brother I've not seen alot of but he's been in that anti drug commercial where he takes off a huge body suit that is bogging him down; and the young man/ally/villain has been in INSTANT STAR and other things.    

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