Chase - Posted on 03 September 2010

Without giving things away, I must say I really enjoyed the first two episodes of this show. Robert Sheenan, who was amazing in CHERRYBOMB and who would make a great Doctor in future years, is at least to me, probably going to be or should be a BIG STAR. He's just amazing in this, too. The whole cast is believable and sort of edgy and talented. The effects are well done, especially in the first ep. I can't understand why this can be sooo good and DOCTOR WHO season five and BEING HUMAN season two and MERLIN season two can be so...poor and bland. Maybe it has to do with the more adult slant I don't know (it didn't do any favors IMO for the GODAWFUL TORCHWOOD). There is cursing and sex but there are twists and turns and logic to the show; there's humor and darkness and death and excitement and humanity, everything that is lacking in the recent DW, MERLIN, and BEING HUMAN.

I'm sure this show has been renewed already, it's like a TEEN TITANS crossed with SKINS and it's very entertaining. FIve or six people, junvenile deliquents get caught in a strange storm and find out one by one that they have strange powers...but they're not about to become super heroes or anything as they are all quirky and have problems in their personal lives and relating to one another and to...well, just about everyone. I hope they explore more in their lives because I have a great deal of questions about all of them. There are some surprising turn of events and I can't wait to watch more! Ep1 and 2 are both 10/10 and I've only seen a part of 3 and tha'ts just as good so far, too.

Needless to say eps 3,4, and esp 5 are brilliant and 5 is just the height of drama, humor and IF you can accept the IFs of this show, this is what having these powers would probably be like. In the show, it seems realism is something unlike DW where one can flit about using a small round ball and change anything you'd like...and somethings I didn't.


In any case, there is a funny baby incident and Curtis says so long to his girlfriend...many times as he tme rewinds wthout wanting to each time his girl, Sam, cries.  There's also a shocking conclusion to the probabtion worker and Simon thing and....oh yeah...


a small, very small DALEK toy sits on Simon's table in his bedroom...   

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