Legend of the Cybermen Review

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 06 September 2010

Ok this release has been out a while, but I had a lot of work in the way, so hear goes (a bad audio joke, Big Finish audio ahem Yes cough well).

I will start by saying this review (of Legend of the Cybermen) will have spoilers in it, but hopefully enough that you'll go out and buy it. The first thing is the story continues on from The Wreck of the Titan, and by that really had a lot to live up to, because Wreck was written so well by, and directed by Barnaby Edwards of Dalek fame and not of DWNY fame. In comparison Legend is written by Mike Maddox and Directed by Nick Briggs.

The story picks up from the end of the Wreck, and so Jamie (Fazer Hines) and the Sixth Doctor (Thee Colin Baker)  find them selves in a white void, which to Classic Who fans will be familiar, yes it is the very same white void from the Mindrobber. The Sixth Doctor and Jamie bump into a character who by all best intensions should not be alive, and well; also armed out of the Characters Time period. What follows is a romp through the land of fiction, being chased by the Cybermen and Cyberized fictional characters. Until they bump into Zoe (Wendy Padbury), but it's not Zoe. But for some reason there is Misstress that is now in place of the Master of the fiction world and the question is who is she?

The story has highs and low's and even the Doctor is left guessing up almost until the very end. With what I would say is one of the saddest endings for a Big Finish story ever.  It's a must for all big Second Doctor fans, all the cast give it their 100% full attention and it shows. 

If I have one complaint about story's with Jamie or Zoe or indeed as here, both. It is that I don't know if Cardiff are imposing a rule or Big Finish themselves imposing a rule. As the fact that anything Big Finish has to go through Gary Russell, due to the fact that any Licensed Doctor Who product has to get his Ok. As it's one of Gary's many jobs at the BBC in Cardiff. My complaint is this, why do (SPOILER WARNING) Jamie and Zoe always have to have their memory reset to the end of the War Games? That being they only have the knowledge of their first adventure with the Doctor. I don't see why (or Why not), that either Jamie or Zoe or indeed both could Travel in the Tardis with the Sixth Doctor, unlocking their memory's piece by piece and indeed under the noses of the Timelords. It is certainly one way of bringing Frazer as Jamie into the main range without so much set up, only to have it disassembled at the end, which for a second doctor fan such as myself is very frustrating, we'll have to see what the future holds. 

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