But is it Sonic? Sonic Screwdriver Wii-Mote and Stylus Coming Soon!

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 08 September 2010

Last month Graeme Sheridan @The2ndDoctor reported on the new Doctor Who games coming for the Nintendo Wii and DS game systems. We also spoke about it in Doctor Who: Podshock 220. Now news has broken that Blue Ocean will be releasing a new Nintendo Wii remote controller device as well as a stylus and slipcases for the DS based on the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

Sonic Screwdriver Wii-mote and Stylus

Reports indicate that the Wii-mote version will be available in October in time for the Wii title, Return to Earth, (Amazon UK link) and the Stylus will be available for Christmas (presumably to be used with Evacuation Earth (Amazon UK link) as well as slipcases featuring the Doctor (Matt Smith) or Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) for the Nintendo DS.

My information on Wii-mote is limited. I am curious if it contains a wrist strap or not. It's not seen in the photos released so far. I fear there may be many Sonic Screwdriver Wii-motes finding themselves lodged into expensive HDTV sets if they don't come with one after next month. Although I never lost grip of a Wii remote myself, I wouldn't take a chance with my set up. That's not to say that I would turn down this Sonic Screwdriver version.

I am waiting for them to come out with a Wii Balance Boardin the form of that pan-dimensional extrapolator surfboard seen in Boom Town (iTunes link) now.

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Words fail to express how much I want that Wii controller and the upcoming game.  I suppose there's at least the possibility that the game for the Wii will be released in the US, but I don't think there's any real chance that the controller will be sold here.  I wonder if the controllers for the various regions are different from one another?

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