New series of Adventure games scheduled for 2011!

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Troy Baker - Posted on 20 September 2010

Both the Guardian and Digital Spy report that because of the success of the release of this year's line of 'Adventure Games' for 'Doctor Who' - more games will be done for next year. A new series of games to come out and we still have one more to get this year - what isn't there to love for a 'Doctor Who' fan.


Details are not yet available for the new games but we do know that they will be developed by Sumo Digital - the same ones that are doing the series this year.


For more on the story you can read the full article on the Guardian here:

BBC Commissions a fresh set of 'Doctor Who' games


and from digital spy:

'Doctor Who: Adventure Games' to Return


Unfortunately these stories only talk about the UK release of the games. No word is available concerning the world-wide release of the games. Will we have to wait and get them through a third-party distributor again?Cry


Enjoy! Wink

This is definitely exciting news!! I cannot wait. HOPEFULLY they will be released world wide.

I was really excited to see the Nintendo Wii accessories that DW put out and especially the Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote! Though since they are only in England at the moment to my knowledge I am trying to see if the English Wiis are compatible with American Wiis. I know that American Wiis cannot play Japanese Wii titles because the console is not compatible. Trying to see if its the same case with English ones or not. 

Check out my blog "Realm Beyond Sight":

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