The Ark gets BBFC Clearance.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 23 September 2010

The Ark a William Hartnell story with Stephen and Dodo as companions is to be released within the next couple of months, as it's just passed through BBFC classification. As to what extra's will be on the release is still unknown at the moment. 

The Story is set 10 Million years into out future where the earth has been destroyed by the Sun going nova. Actual Science proves of course that a sun such as our's can indeed die, and in doing so would destroy the Earth, but it does not have enough energy to go Super Nova, oh well 5 out of 10 for factually accuracy.

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After all, we know exactly how and when the Earth will be consumed by the Sun because the Ninth Doctor and Rose watched it happen.  THE ARK just, er, takes place after that ... um, even though END OF THE WORLD took place five billion years later ... oh dear ...

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If we want to deal with the appearance of a continuity error for this story, it's not much trouble.  After all, the humans from the Tom Baker story Ark in Space also believed that the earth had been destroyed by the sun destabilizing.  It was revealed by the end of the story that they were mistaken.  For The Ark, we can assume that much the same thing has happened.  We just don't get a reveal at the end that the belief that the Earth is gone was in error.

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