Tara's Terrific TARDIS Tattoo

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 24 September 2010


Cheers to Doctor Who: Podshock Correspondent Tara Wheeler @TARDIS_Tara on her new transdimensional tattoo. We all watched last night via Twitter as she, her DH (David Wheeler), and Emily @emilyooo documented Tara's adventure. Tara being Tara of course brought colour samples of the scarf for Jon Reed, the tattooist to use... Yes, I said scarf. As you can see, a scarf is also included in the TARDIS (police box) image.

No, I already asked if dematerializing ink was used on it. She said that is on the other shoulder.

Was it painful?

Tara tweeted:

Pain was mostly tolerable. There were about two dozen 'deep breath' moments. It's gorgeous now- it's gonna get ugly & then gorgeous again.

This was Tara's first tattoo. Not a bad experience for her first (I don't know if she plans on getting any others, I will of course suggest that the other arm should have Ken, James, and myself popping out of the TARDIS door).

About 12 hours after the previous quoted tweet…

Tara tweeted:

For those of you interested, the tattoo today is no more painful than a light sunburn. Might take an Advil to reduce the inflammation a bit

Congratulations Tara and thanks to DH and Emily for sharing her experience with us on the net.

Below are photos from the procedure that Tara had posted to her Tumblr site, TARDIS Tara's Ramblings:









Wow. Beautiful. It's bigger than I expected and not just on the inside (Tara called me a "dweeb" for that comment when I tweeted it last night). Now what will mother say?

You can actually read the sign on the door (for the most part in this photo, I suspect more in person).

Tara tweeted:

Tattooist was pleased that my fine and delicate skin allowed him to write words on phone box door rather than have to make wavy lines.

For more photos, visit TARDIS Tara's Ramblings site (and check the postings dated 22-23 September 2010).

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