[POSSIBLE SPOILER] Retro Console Room & Ep 1 Villain?

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Lucas - Posted on 12 June 2009

Rich Johnson over at Bleeding Cool is quoting Russell T. Davies as saying that the TARDIS console room is getting a more "retro" look for Series 5, and that the Daleks appear in Matt Smith's first episode.

And that he plans to stay on Torchwood if it gets greenlit for a 4th series.

I'd be interested to see a transcript of the comments, though, because it seems a little unlikely that RTD would be issuing spoilers (accurate spoilers, at least) about Moffat's episodes, let alone stealing their thunder by disclosing the villains of the very first episode!  Unless of course the Daleks won't be the main antagonists and instead make an appearance in some other way...

See here for full report: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2009/06/12/russell-t-davies-at-the-national-film-theatre-torchwood-doctor-who-and-daleks/

Well it doesn't suprise me about RTD revealing something but perhaps he's not as GONE as everyone thinks he is and is doing things from the supposed sidelines. Who knows? Frankly I hope they bring back the Hartnell Console Room, it was big and best. One thing I always HATED about the new show is the console room. I like the console but hate the console room: it just is so ...I dunno, boring. I also hate how the TARDIS interior is underused. Daleks? What again? Is my thing. Also: they were so wimpy in JOURNEY'S END, why bother? And not only that, they killed only people, besides Harriet, who were underplayed, underscripted and what did that matter? I also hope TORCHWOOD is cancelled. It's an awful show with awful messages and if RTD is totally out of the DW universe for now until his writer's block leaves, I'll be happy.

Another thing that wn't surprise me is if we hear very soon that Bessie will be making an apperance...and Romana and the Rani and.. 


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...why they are having Daleks in the first episode. It's because they are worried about whether fans will accept Matt Smith as the new Doctor, so they are having a fan favorite villain to bring in viewers. That said, I kind of feel like they are over utilizing the Daleks in the new Who. I hope that after the first episode we don't see Daleks for at least a season or two.


- Carl

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

I'ts all part of the really strong...end of DW. Or maybe it will drag on for another four years of medocrity and silliness ala TRIAL and McCoy's first season or so...with and far between gems of stories...we shall see

Oh and does this mean whenever there is a new Doctor we're going to have to endure a year off and just have just crappy crapola specials every holiday?

I mean if history repeats itself and they fire Matthew Smith for the bad scripts they are writing, are we gonna have to wait another year before a new Doctor appears? :)

Honestly I predict if the show comes back with weak stories, weak scripts, and weak motivation, DW will lose ratings and lose Tennant's girl fans who have moved on to other fandoms and other things...already I see a loss of interest in the younger fans...and who can blame them? ...I mean are we going to have to wait until  a new Doc comes round? And how long? A year or more? Or will it just be cancelled....twice like history had it in the past? 

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Comparing this to The Trial of a Time Lord is way off though. The Trial season had way lower viewer figures, as The Next Doctor was the 2nd most watched program on Christmas day on BBC, with a peak at 12.58 million viewers. The stories of the last two specials were not nearly as weak as the stories for The Trial either.

Obviously people are still loving the Doctor, so I don't see it ending anytime soon. I have a feeling that Matt Smith's 1st episode will have HUGE viewer figures. People are excited to see what he will be like as the Docotr, and what direction Moffat will be taking the show. So far, Moffat's episodes over the past few years have been some of the most well received, which is bringing a lot of excitement for the future of the show. Even though there have been a few mis-steps, I am really enjoying the specials and can't wait for the next one. And I am not alone in that feeling. I think the cast and crew have done an amazing job of re-inventing the Doctor for a whole new generation, while keeping most of the old viewers as well.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

Sorry what I mean is the quality. I haven't enjoyed a special since CHRISTMAS INVASION or maybe a bit of VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED but to me the proving point for the new series is whether or not I want to rewatch the story. I've watched DOOMSDAY about two dozen times, no kidding. I watched Rose at least four times, EMPTY CHILD at least seven times, PARTING OF THE WAYS about five times, HUMAN NATURE four or five times  etc etc. I can't say I ever want to watch PLANET OF THE DEAD or NEXT DOCTOR ever again. IF Moffat stays with his track record (BLINK was awesome but barely had the Doctor in it) he'll do fine. But  I just hope he stays away from stuff like TIMECRASH and using old ideas over and over and over and over. The fact that they are saying they are changing the cosmetic stuff like the opening visual or the TARDIS (glad, I hate the coral bit and that new console room a lot) and maybe the theme song or whathave you AND that they might be using Daleks and they might be doing an Indiana Jones style story and have Nazis makes me really really really worried. I can compare it to TRIAL because what rumors we have now make me think the quality will be as bad as TRIAL and I, for one, I don't care about ratings at all. I just know what i like.   And I don't mean to be disrespecftul even though I can come off that way at times. I"m sorry about that. I just hate to see this great show go down the tubes the way it already has. I also think the hiatius or whatever they are calling it was a big mistake. 

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The hiatus was all Tennant's fault, not the crew's. He had to have the time off to do Hamlet. I just wanted to make sure the blaim goes where it should.Although, I do agree that it was harmful to the show, no matter why it happened.


As far as the quality of the specials goes, I personally have watched the first half of The Next Doctor 6 or 7 times, but after the first time I always turn it off once the Cyber King becomes the plot. The first half is FANTASTIC though! Also, I have re-watched Planet of the Dead 2 or 3 times since first viewing as well. I think it's just a fun episode, and the first of the holiday specials since the 2005 reboot that I've actually enjoyed so far. However, the series 4 finale left me a bit cold, so I'm hoping the rest of the 2009 specials are good, or at least as good as Planet of the Dead. I think the finale just had too much stuff going on.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

That's great. To each their own I guess. As for the crew not taking the blame, well, if Tennant needed the time off, then he should have been fired and that would have given him the time off. I don't entirely blame him though. If he wanted the time off the crew, whomever that may be, RTD should have said, okay but we need to make a show here. And hired a new Doctor. Maybe that wouldn't have worked but neither is this , at least it's not working for me. At all. I hate every special that we've had with the BIG exception of CHRISTMAS INVASION of course. That was marvelous. I also seem to think VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED was okay but not terribly okay. And I like TWO, count em TWO or maybe THREE, count em, THREE scenes in the tepid RUNAWAY BRIDE. NEXT DOCTOR: awful from start to finish just about with the possible exception of the last scene but again, I'm sick and tired of the Oh poor lonely me Doctor. Boring already. And huge giant spetacle that makes no sense is boring too. PLANET OF THE DEAD? Dead to me already forgotten. I tried to watch it again recently and didn't get past the STUPID "Easter Egg" scene or whatever it was the Doc was doing on the bus. I'm sorry, I know you like it and you have a right to like it but I hate it and believe it to be one of the main reasons I now Hate DW. and if I'm not mistaken didn't it get lower ratings than all the other specials and the 4th season? How anyone who is not a die hard fan stayed with it is beyond me unless everyone who watches DW is a die hard fan.    

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