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Louis Trapani - Posted on 07 October 2010

After showering and cutting my hair (and worrying if I had cut it too short), I was pretty much set for another all-nighter editing Doctor Who: Podshock 224. Then to my surprise, I received an invite via Twitter from (DWP Correspondent) Tara Wheeler @TARDIS_Tara to join her and others to listen to David Tennant on Absolute Radio in the UK. Tara said they were all "dancing." This must had been around 1:30 AM (EDT).

David Tennant on Absolute Radio

Ok, I could do that. I hadn't heard David Tennant interviewed since his returning to the UK after working here in the States. I figured I would pop over to the live streaming audio of the radio station with the simultaneous webcam view (when it wasn't failing) and see what David Tennant had to say in what I assumed would be a quick interview.

Little did I know once I got there, there was no Mr. Tennant to be found. One of the webcams had a view of an empty chair. So I assumed since they had been dancing before, I must had just missed his interview. I was about to say, "Oh well" and get back to work when I was informed that he had yet to come on. That they were still waiting for him.

So now you must be wondering who "they" are which I am speaking of here, right? Well, at first I thought it was just Tara and Nancy @twillian and of course, the ultimate David Tennant fan, @mcfangirl all on Twitter waiting for David Tennant (or simply "DT" as they refer to him as) to arrive.


After tweeting with the aforementioned while listening to and commenting about the music and chatter coming over the radio station's live stream, I was suddenly taken back when I heard Tara herself on the live stream! What? Tara was on Absolute Radio! Unbeknownst to me they had contacted her via phone (or visa versa) to speak about her being an extra on the film Fright Night with David Tennant (which she spoke about on Doctor Who: Podshock 222). On the radio, Tara recalled her encounter with DT during the making of the movie, how she lured him over with her iPad, and mentioned her new TARDIS tattoo which she got after her work on the movie and that she has a full size TARDIS. The host of the show, Christian O'Connell @DJChristianOC of the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show asked if she send him some photos. Tara took one just for the occasion displaying her tattoo and in front of her TARDIS (see right).

By now it was clear to me that I was not among of four or five fans on Twitter, but a larger group of mostly women on Twitter known as the #AbsoluteDTFanGirls (which its hashtag may had been derived by @mcfangirl although she may deny it). The radio show had given repeated call outs to the group on air and although I missed it myself, they read a letter by @mcfangirl on air which I believe is what led them to contact Tara).

So with fans from all parts of the world listening to this morning show in the UK, and the hosts tracking #DavidTennant trending on Twitter (for which DT had no clue what it meant – I may need to give DT a prep course on Twitter), they were milking it for as long as they could. Of course it wasn't until towards the end of the four hour show that David Tennant arrived in the studio to record with them. The interview was broken up with music interruptions and long commercial ads (as is usually the case with commercial radio).

When DT does arrive on the show, the first thing they talk about is his meeting up with Tara and his work on the upcoming movie Fright Night. Listen to the short audio clip below:

David Tennant Talks About Tara Wheeler (on Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show)

So cheers to our very own Tara Wheeler whom which DT remembered. When the hosts were not going on about DT looking so much younger due to his longer hair he is sporting now, they also discussed with him about his upcoming BBC television project, Single Father. The complete interview should be available as a podcast from Absolute Radio soon. They also mentioned that they had "filmed" it (more likely than not, they had video recorded it, not filmed it), so expect a video of it as well. I expect it may be ready tonight, but I don't recall any ETA being given.

Although I couldn't get any editing work done, it was a fun night with the group on Twitter. DT even gave a shout out to the ladies of #AbsoluteDTFanGirls. Thanks David, from an honorary "lady" of the group. Thanks Tara, @mcfangirl and all the others that tweeted to me in the group, it was fun.

To hear more about Tara's adventures with David Tennant and her work as an extra in Fright Night, be sure to catch Doctor Who: Podshock 222.

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