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Tin-Dog-Podcast - Posted on 13 June 2009

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hi. any ideas or requests for my 100th show?

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How about your top ten or twenty Doctor Who stories ever told ...could be TV/Books/audio/comics?

A nice countdown a la old Top twenty on Top of the Pops!

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1) Give us your own Who-Horoscope - learn a little about the TDP host

2) Tell us:  Who is your favorite Doctor? Companion? Bad Guy/Alien? Episode? One-off guest star?  Special Effect?

Anyway - whatever you decide, thanks for the podcasts!

Mr. Magister

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testing sig file....

I converted your signature code to HTML, so it should be working now.

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just wanted to say thanks to who evver nominated myshow for a parsec award

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coe day 1 TDP



i hope do do a podcast per day while its on air.



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tdp 100 tin dog podcast




cut and paste link to hear as i cant work this forum since it updated

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im still here.


and now past 206 shows!

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Cool. Congratulations, Michael.


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