Chase - Posted on 09 October 2010

I quite liked PROJECT: DESTINY and must admit to not really remembering or liking most of the FORGE stuff. Unlike a few above, I really liked Hex from day one if not his stories (THE HARVEST was one of the worst stories ever). I like his interaction with Ace, the Doctor, and both of them together and he's one of the few companions I can really believe getting on with strangers that they come across. That said, this story shouldn't have worked but did. It is loaded with cliches and even mentoins them: zombie apocalyspe, wounded companion, Doctor taken over, MUTANT like mutant bugs, bombs, the underground bunker type base, explosions solving everything, vampire back to life, Ace angry, The Doc out of his time knowing something or trying not to know something he will do later on, Doctor hiding something. All of them. Cliches. But the writers make something of it and kept me interested (although to be fair, the last thing I listened to was the morbid, boring, CRADLE OF THE SNAKE, which next to that this seems like a masterpiece). There are also some funny lines, "That monstrousity is your mother?"  and "Listen to your mother!"  I'm glad the Hex thing is finally resolved but to be honest it was sooo long ago and not very memorable that I forgot what happened to Cassie or even that her name was Cassie, forgot how the Doc (and which Doc, 6 or 7?) destroyed the Forge (or is that yet to come?), Nimrod (not a great villain to start with), why the TARDIS turned white, and the rest. YET again, THIS works better than all the previous Forge stuff. I think the characters have more depth to them, the Doc hiding Hex's mother's death works, but what I don't get is why the Doc wouldn't just tell Hex in the first place, knowing that Nimrod is a well, a nim rod and that he would tell Hex that. All in all, not perfect but better than a lot of the drivel that BF is always backslapping it self for. This is stands as a good story, and I"m NOT a big Ace/7th Doctor fan at all. I just love the ending and the climax works because it is climatic. I"m sure Nimrod escaped but I hope not. I don't want to see / hear him again. The finale was tense to be honest. Unfortunately, they have blow up the monsters again rather than just cure them! Either way, entertaining and much easier to get through than half of BF's output.    

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