SJA - The Nightmare Man

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 12 October 2010

I saw The Nightmare Man - Part 1, the first episode of series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures. I see they are showing Part 2 tomorrow. So I will have to assume, like last year (series 3), they will be showing two episodes per week.

I will wait until I see part 2 before commenting further on this story.

Let this post serve as a placemark for discussions on The Nightmare Man.

Can't say I will ever watch this in full but I may since it may end the SJA for me. I watched the first ten minutes or so and found it unoriginal, silly, derivative, and UNscary. Let's face it if you are going to do NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET for kids, it is not going to scare adults who saw that first movie. At the same time, the Slitheen part was just stupid and boring.

I also watched that silly clip of Jo Grant and Sarah Jane running down a hallway, hand in hand and Jo saying a stupid line, "Just like old times!" 

DOCTOR WHO and SARAH JANE have now become silly stupid baby shows with no point to them, no story to tell, and nothing unique or different about them. Steven Moffat, in the DOCTOR WHO SERIES FIVE COMPANION, talks like an idiot in almost everything he says. For me, he's the man who finally took the merit out of DW. I hope for better next season but his track record is poor (four or five good eps out of 13 last season, a terrible first story and an awful last two season enders) AND the news for next season (DW in The Utah desert?) is gimmicky and boring and has nothing of any value. The one major hope I have is that Amy will die and stay dead but even that is probably a gimmick. DOCTOR WHO was great in 2005 and now it's a kid's show and mediocre. SARAH JANE just tells the same story over and over and over, never learning the lesson of why shows like THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and much later and much better AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER were so different, popular and meaningful. Good characters, different situations, humor without insulting us that comes out of the characters and their interplay, interesting villains who are not just cardboard cut outs but have depth, twists and turns, heroic figures...all in THE LAST AIRBENDER tv show BUT not in DOCTOR WHO or SARAH JANE. AND I shudder to think about what TORCHWOOD season four or whatever they are calling the next mess will bring: dismal status report I"m afraid. ANd now DW will be split into "TWO' seasons of one ? WHY? That means according the idiot Moffat that we will  have two season openings and two season enders, both of which I"m sure will suck beyond meaning.        

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This was a very intense episode for The Sarah Jane Adventures. If this is an indicator of the level of story writing then we are in for an excellent series. 

The concept behind the villain was interesting and the moral of sticking together with you friends was presented well.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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