New York Comic Con 2010

General_Chris - Posted on 13 October 2010

This past weekend was New York Comic Con 2010 and Doctor Who fans showed up in full force.

I was dressed as the Tenth Doctor on Friday and a Gryffindor Quidditch Player on saturday. Sunday I was casual. The convention itself was fantastic. Had a few hiccups with the combination with NYAF (New York Anime Festival) but it was still fun. Daphne Ashbrook was there signing at the Doctor Who Store booth and Podshock had a live recording with comic writer Tony Lee. The podcast was great and it was a phenominal interview :)  Podshock was in the last block of panels on Sunday at 4pm (NYCC closed at 5pm) and they still filled the room they were in so that people were standing along the sides and back. Now that is impressive and I hope that shows NYCC that Doctor Who fans will definitely show up for more DW panels and guests!

In my Flcikr set you can see myself and various cosplayers as different versions of the Doctor and companions and towards the bottom you will find the photos from the Podshock recording. There's a whole bunch since its hard to get a good shot sometimes when people are talking.

Enjoy the photos everyone!

NYCC-NYAF 2010NYCC-NYAF 2010 (1) Guitar Hero 3: Legend of RockNYCC-NYAF 2010 (2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer w/ Spike shirtNYCC-NYAF 2010 (3) D&D Dungeon DelveNYCC-NYAF 2010 (4) D&D Dungeon DelveNYCC-NYAF 2010 (5)NYCC-NYAF 2010 (6)NYCC-NYAF 2010 (7) SuperdogNYCC-NYAF 2010 (8) Yu-Gi-Oh Chalk ArtNYCC-NYAF 2010 (9) Starcraft 2: Wings of LibertyNYCC-NYAF 2010 (10)NYCC-NYAF 2010 (11) Female RobinMarie-Claude BourbonnaisNYCC-NYAF 2010 (13) Street Fighter - ZangiefNYCC-NYAF 2010 (14)NYCC-NYAF 2010 (15) Catwoman & ?NYCC-NYAF 2010 (16)NYCC-NYAF 2010 (17) The Michael Jackson ExperienceNYCC-NYAF 2010 (18) Lifesize D&DNYCC-NYAF 2010 (19) Lifesize D&DNYCC-NYAF 2010 (20) Firefly Tonner DollsNYCC-NYAF 2010 (22) Alice in Wonderland Tonner DollsNYCC-NYAF 2010 (21) Harry Potter Tonner DollsNYCC-NYAF 2010 (23)NYCC-NYAF 2010 (24) The Walking DeadNYCC-NYAF 2010 (25) Tenth Doctor & Professor LaytonNYCC-NYAF 2010 (26) Cammy & X-23NYCC-NYAF 2010 (27) Cammy & X-23NYCC-NYAF 2010 (28) Cammy & X-23NYCC-NYAF 2010 (29) Cammy & X-23

Louis Trapani's picture

Thanks as always Chris!

Everyone be sure to check out the set on Flickr with the link provided above. Only a portion of the thumbnails previewing the set show up on our site.


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