Change in Regenerations!?! *SPOILERS*

General_Chris - Posted on 15 October 2010

The Doctor is now IMMORTAL! (?)

I dont know who has heard this info but I definitely wanted to share it. I found these articles on Blastr which is a great site for new and awesome sci fi news.

Apparently the issue of 12 regenerations will be addressed in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode 'Death of the Doctor'. Thats right, they arent even addressing a major canon point on the Doctor's own show. I'll let you guys read the two articles but apparently the issue of 12 regens will be solved by a simple throw away line where the Doctor says there is no limit after being asked how many times he could.

Maybe he just tells Clyde this so that he wont worry about him? Because thatd be understandable and wont mess up Who canon.

If it is indeed true that they are changing t and there is no limit then I can only HOPE that they also address it sometime soon in Doctor Who and give a VERY good explanation to why there is no limit now (besides 'the show is doing well and we dont want to end it and stop getting money).

From Blastr:

It's OFFICIAL: Doctor Who is now IMMORTAL


Why making Doctor Who immortal is a terrible mistake

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Originally the story was put in 'The Guardian's' on-line version of the paper.


Here is a link to THAT story:

Doctor Who is now immortal, reveals the BBC


PS: I also had a link to Den of Geek in my posting of this yesterday


Here is a link to that thread so you can get to that story as well:


Can 'Doctor Who' live forever?

He's not but he was once. See WAR GAMES

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Russell T. Davies said that the new idea about the regenerations wouldn't stick.

Here's the story from Digital Spy:

Davies admits 'Who' fan controversy

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