Chase - Posted on 16 October 2010

FINALLY, something worth the title of DOCTOR WHO! This was a 9/10 or even a 10/10. Tom is wonderful and the script is finally write. The first linking series was pretty much a bunch of crap with maybe one or two exceptions (the first one  and the one with the dancing shoes). This one has some wonderfully odd DW-ish, HItchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy things: Nelly, the mosiac, Mrs. Wibbsey and her selling parts of the TARDIS, that man's voice message being used to stop a war. Mrs Wibbsey makes a fine companion if she's been less mean tempered and watered down, that's okay but I wish she weren't. Wasn't Sue Jameson once touted to be the female Time Lord, the MIstress or is that just a rumor? I thought I read about that when they were creating the first Master that she was going to get the part way back in the 1970s but then they made it a man? In any case, this seems to be a bit of William Hartnell and of course Tom Baker, who does sound just like he did back then. He's whimsical, funny, scary, commanding...and the TARDIS has things wrong with it, the elephant being a companion, Magrs has finally hit all the right notes and created/crafted a DW story that is fun, exciting and magical. It makes me believe in DW again! I also like the whole Claudius thing: he doesn't want to be leader! WHat a great idea! If only TV DW were like this. ANd it was nice to see Tom in a true type of historical. Truth be told, on tv, his Doctor, while going into the past occasionally, NEVER had a real historical or alien-less past story. This one is worthy of him  and his Doctor in a way that the first series's last three stories or so weren't. I've already started the second disk in DEMON QUEST and it is very good too.   

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