Revisitations 2 Boxed Set Final line up!

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 25 October 2010

Ice Warrior

So the final line up for the Revisitations boxed set is laid down. In an interview with podcast Radio Free Skaro, Steven Shapanski asked Dan Hall about two releases that I've previously reported on here. First is "The Day of the Daleks" which was the teaser trailer that I reported on in my blog here. Day of the Daleks, will be it's own release and not part of the Revisitations boxed set as I previously reported, and with all in all should not be expected until the end of 2011 beginning of 2012. Which left of course the question open, what would be the Third disk in the Boxed set Revisitations 2? The answer came as somewhat of a shock and moan from my self. The Seeds of Death, was the answer, granted the original 2 disk release left one wondering as to why there was a second disk at all. But Dan Hall revealed that Seeds of Death should have been a singular disk release. The other two disks will remain as reported "The Carnival of Monsters" and "Resurrection of the Daleks"

For new Who fans this boxed set gives a good insite into typical Who stories of each period 2nd, 3rd and 5th Doctors. For the rest of us who more than likey at least own two of these stories if not all, comes the question do I buy this boxed set just for the extra's that will accompany each disk? For Seeds of Death and Carnival of Monsters, you'll probably say yes, but what much more can be done with Resurrection of the Daleks?

According to Dan Hall you will be able to watch in the 4 Episode International version or the original 2x45 minute episodes. Is that enough of a argument to warrant buying this release?

Let me know your thoughts, by either leaving a comment or contacting me on Twitter @The2ndDoctor 

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