Doctor Who - The Movie: Special Edition DVD Coming to North America February 2011

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 28 October 2010

Doctor Who 1996 region 1 DVD

As we previously announced, the Doctor Who 1996 Movie will finally be released as a region 1 DVD in North America. It has long been available on region 2 (I had my copy for some time now), it has been tied up in release rights issues between the studios involved (BBC, Fox, Universal) for a region 1 DVD release since the movie first aired.

We were pleased to report that it would finally be coming to region 1 with the recent revisiting of the DVD (a new re-release edition). Up until now, we didn't have a release date other than 2011 for this 8th Doctor adventure starring Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook. Now according to, BBC and Warner Home Video have announced that it will be released on February 8th as a 2-disc set titled, 'Doctor Who - The Movie: Special Edition.'

It coincides with the release of another 2-disc set 3rd Doctor story, 'The Mutants' starring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant on DVD.

Doctor Who DVD news: Announcement for Doctor Who - The Movie: Special Edition and Doctor Who - Story #063: The Mutants |

  • Doctor Who - The Movie: Special Edition (Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor) 2 discs, 86 minutes, 1 feature-length 'episode', full frame video, English stereo audio, English subtitles, $34.98 SRP
  • Extras:
    • Audio Commentaries:
      • With Director Geoffrey Sax, previously recorded for the 2000 U.K. DVD
      • Newly-recorded commentary with Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy, moderated by modern Dalek voice actor Nicholas Briggs
    • 'The Seven Year Hitch' - Documentary about the seven-year quest to return Doctor Who to the screen.
    • 'The Doctor's Strange Love' - Writers Joe Lidster, Simon Guerrier & comedian Josie Long learn to love the film
    • Photo Gallery
    • Music Tracks (Isolated Music Score and 4 Tracks from the Film, in full)
    • PDF materials: Radio Times Listings
    • New Production Notes Subtitle Track
    • Visual FX Tests from June 1994 and March 1996 featuring early opening titles tests and legendary Spider Dalek sampler
    • Fox Network's Electronic Press Kit for the movie
    • 1996 Behind-the-Scenes promo
    • Philip Segal's Tour of the TARDIS Set
    • Alternate Takes
    • BBC Trailers
    • 'Who Peter 1989-2009' - Second and final part of the series, presented by Gethin Jones
    • 'The Wilderness Years' - How the show was kept alive between the end of the original series and the production of the movie
    • 'Stripped for Action: The Eighth Doctor' - A part of the series looking at the comic book stories
    • 'Tomorrow's Times: The Eighth Doctor' - Another in the series looking at Doctor Who's contemporary coverage
    • Easter Eggs (2)


Now I just need to buy the Blake's 7 collection on region 2 DVDs so that they can finally release them on region 1.

Despite the fact I will need to re-purchase the 1996 movie again DVD, it is good to see it finally available in North America. It gives a chance for many fans that missed the movie back in 1996 and didn't see it on its various re-broadcasts on Stars or the Sci-Fi Channel years ago to see it. From the many Doctor Who fans that did come to the Doctor Who Store booth at NYCC who didn't know who Daphne Ashbrook who was there signing photos, it is clear that many fans haven't seen it yet.

Remember, you can join Daphne Ashbrook in celebrating 25 years of the Gallifreyan Embassy on Tuesday, the 16th of November in Mineola, NY at a special Anniversary Event. Reserve your spot now before it is sold out!

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