Warrior's Gate

Chase - Posted on 13 June 2009


I am sorry but all this fan guff and all the guff in general about this story being too confusing is...CRAP. This story is FANTASTIC. If people can't understand it, then either dn't watch or try to figure it out. Truthfully it's all there to hear, see and watch, unlike some later stories (CURSE OF FENRIC, GHOSTLIGHT). Here, it's all there on screen. The Tardis is taken into a time rift where the cooridinates are not negative as in E Space, nor positive as in N Space (that Normal Space, our normal space). The coorindates are at Zero zero, MEANING the crossover between universes. The coin tossing is a bit strange but has to do with I Ching and chances and probablity. The loin Tharils are time sensitives who navigate the ship. This is all better explained in the episode. And this is what DW should be doing: presenting science and fiction and fantasy all in one package while delving in to different ideas and new ideas and making them fresh and fun and interesting. This is this story. Complaints about it baffle me.

The interplay betwween the Doc, Adric, Romana, and K9 is just fine and fun and sorry that K9 has to get damaged by the Time Winds--so badly that he doens't really fully recover on oour side of the gateway. Ahh, yes the gateway. Well, it looks like a part of a castle torn apart somehow. That's maybe confusing but it will be explained too ---somewhat. The Time Winds are a scary bit of phenomena and the Tharil outfits and make up and masks or prestheitcs are the best the series has ever had bar Davros's great mask. The crew of the space ship is pretty funny and it's a shame to see most of them as villains but they are quite funny but not in any over the top way. At times, some of the crews' lines seem to resemble those in HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY witout copying them directly and that's no mean feat. It's good and the lines are original and motivated as those in Douglas Adam's novels. One is something like, "There's a hole big enough to crawl through and in fact, I've just done that."  And others. Nothing seems directly copied from Adams but in fact, inspired by it and only briefly. This is fantastic. 

Another note here: the Doctor's maybe suicidal moment or maybe pressing that button is the way out of E space, who knows? That might come later. The cliffhanger was strange but not terrible and the Gundan seem scary enough...with strnage movements but after so long a time they wouldn't be working to full capacity.

Yet another GREAT episode, this sets up the situation marvelously and makes me want to watch more and find out more about what is going on. It's highly enjoyable and again, this is what DW should almost always be like, not a pantomine or a silly farce that makes no sense like it will soon become (well in three years time or so). Another thing I realized is that I like Matthew's acting. NOt the greatest but certainly able enough to be with both Tom and Lalla together or singlely...and Lalla is just terrific at this point...was she ever not? Well anyway compare Lalla or rather Romana to Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding. The two, I used to think were okay but truthfully Sarah and Janet are both awful actresses. Janet got better just before she left (I also think her rather unimportant role in WARRIORS OF THE DEEP was made better by her anxious acting and her rather good portrayal of Tegan...at that point...and when she was replaced by a Tegan lite character in Peri..I wanted Tegan and Janet back). Sarah is however nice looking, a poor actress, totally unbeliveable and phony in some way. But more on that later...right now we have Lalla and Matthew and K9...and it's too bad this family group could not stay together for more stories beyond this one. Still, one can dream they had more adventures between STATE OF DECAY and WARRIOR'S GATE.

A rather poor novel, EIGHT DOCTORS gave us an exrta scene in STATE OF DECAY and maybe a short story aalso took place there and it's totally unnecessary so...other adventures maybe took place in between sod and wg.

anyway, another really entertaining story.              



This ep is not as good as the first but it's still pretty strong. I love Adric and K9 walking around in the void and the two work well together and must appeal to children everywhere. We get a bit more info but not much. I don't understand why, having chosen to go outside in the first place, Romana is so anatagonistic to Rorvik and his men. The Gundan scenes could have been better and been more action oriented but that could be Tom Baker wanting it to be funny...which it's only slightly funny and we've heard a lot of his Tomisms by now ("You're a machine, I usually get on so well with machine" and "He must have forgotten his lines") and they're not that good to be honest but okay in this. Also why is Romana screaming her head off when she's already met the Tharil and it wasn't violent or anything...maybe this one looked violent because it was attacked or hurt or whatever but it's the same one, Biroc, I think. Tom's meeting with Rorvik is well done but the fact is that nothing much happens in this episode after Romana is captured and the Doctor is found by the traders. But still that's enough I guess as it's not boring. I still want to know what the mysteries here are and the way out. ANd poor K9 will he ever be all right again? It was also sort of set up that Romana might leave when she tells Adric she and Doc might go their separate ways. Which makes Adric seem upset...he often sees them as his family now and likes it the way it is and relies on the Doctor ("Oh I wish the Doctor were here.").       



As one can see from the text script changes, the dialog is made better, the story moves faster and there are more explanations and less "gore" especially with the hair off the burned Sagan. Pity the entire crew had to die as some of them were very funny but as they are slavers and two of them at least kicked and threw K9, they desrved it. True, that some of the story is  a bit...confusing. I would guess that the Tharils (the female one looks rather nicer than the males) had their garden at the nexus point between the universes at zero zero, the slves the human ones made the Gundun stop them and then the Tharils became slaves on many planets...but in E Space I guess. I'm not sure whereRovrik and his men come from, I guess they are also from E Space. The Tharil burned was Lazlo, not Biroc. I always thought like Lalla, that her leaving scene was rushed and terrible but in truth it's not and it's not sappy and sad, it's just her doing her duty. The scene wehre the Doc tells her off about her having to take orders and it being high time she accepted orders and then she repeating the same thing to Adric is very funny and much better than the whole scripted parts that were drpped such as "Come on" and the handing over of K9 to each to the other. Tom does a GREAT job in the slave/wine/dinner scene and JNT had a good point in keeping Tom on one side of the mirror later on. I would say the mirrors, and i"m not sure about this, indicated passing through different times within the same place. Another thing great about this entire story is the camea angles which the dirctor was at one point fired for but then rehired a half hour later. They need more time and money to make DW not less. The camera work is wonderful. This is how it should be.  The artwork is great too and not sure why there is black and white bits but it's nice to look at. Ahh, yes Adric: again he seems to want to take care of himself and I'm glad that bit is not dropped, it makes him real and makes him seem like he has to change thanks to the Dr and Romana and he is the one who makes the realizatoin about the damaged bit at the ship that the two can sabotage but accorindg to Biroc they didn't have to. Not sure why after the slaver ship blows up thanks to the backblast backlash that bounced back...there are half formed images of the Tharils moving outside like ghosts but they are alive and perhaps have their powers back. Adric also seems to almost save Romana and at least, unlike her, did not get caught again. Matthew looks great in this story by the way and so does Lalla. The fight with Rorvik was ...well it made the Doctor look really wimpy but I guess he doesn't always win every fight in fact, this Doctor didn't often win every fight. The last time he won a major fight was...ewll, never mind. He did. He won and lost. Romana's hitting Rorvik with the clipboard over the back was...pathetic though, the only tihng in this story that was.

Another GREAT story despite the strangeness but I say if there is some internal logic and some explanatoin, the strangeness is not so bad. I loved it and wished they'd do more of this kind of thing and they do: KINDA and SNAKEDANCE for one and ENLIGHTENMENT for the other. Pity the season is about to end but then I thought, for a brief time, that the Fourth Doc and Adric would go on for a few more seasons and have great adventures. Alas, it was not to be, for JNT then went back to a more trad female companion PAIR!WTF? WHY?     

another thing that makes me wonder is if there is a universe of negative coordinates and one of postive, like a graph, are there two more universes with one with negative coordinates and postive and another with positive first and then negative? I know it was supposed to be a bridge between anti matter and matter but that got dropped.   

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