K9 S1E3 The Korven [SPOILERS]

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tarashnat - Posted on 30 October 2010

A slight improvement on the first two episodes, but the Korven seemed to remind me of the Tharils from Warrior's Gate for some reason. Otherwise a standard episode for this serial.

8/10: I can't believe how people thnk RTD is needed on this show. Has he helped the Sarah Jane show? No. That's turned rubbish IMO. Torchwood is horrible morbid garbage and DW season five thanks to Moffat is unrelenting nonsense that means nothing. THIS on the other hand is simple, kid's adventure with a monster that is scary and doesn't have to talk us to death like those in SaraH Jane and season five of DW ( "We are now going to put you in the box"). Instead this monster and many others in the first four episodes remind me of THE OUTER LIMITS monsters. They can't talk to us so they are scary. They don't care about us so they dn't care if they kill us or take our brains or memories. There is something refreshing about a show like this: no over reaching arcs, no last minute "they're not dead" even though they died repreives that plagued DW Season Five (which seems to have put me off DW for good to be honest, something not even the horrid TRIAL OF A TIME LORD and awful TIME AND THE RANI could do). The chases are interesting and funny; the climaxes are not contrived but somewhat action oriented. Sarah Jane has not been this good since season one or two; DW not this good since season four; and Torchwood has never been this upbeat and/or good. Okay so I like this series. It is a kid's series and it shows. The main leads are engaging and fun, the show handsomely mounted and it doesn't think so highly of itself which I like...something SJ< DW, and TW could learn. And because it does not talk, the monster is scary.

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