K9 S1E5 Sirens of Ceres [SPOILERS]

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tarashnat - Posted on 30 October 2010

OK, I finally got around to getting back to this series. 

It's a good thing that I did. Sirens of Ceres takes a little detour from the expected monster of the week coming through the time machine and the series is better for it. I felt the story was better written than the predecessors and the way of addressing conformity/non-conformity was addressed in an interesting manner.

For me the worst of the first five episodes. It isn't terrible but it's rather routine. We've seen it all before. Androids. Mind control. People changing in a school (think Alex Rider: Point Blanc only not as good or even SCHOOL REUNION). This one literally put me to sleep, sorry. I wanted to like it and in a way I did because the cast is still likable and the show forming itself. K9 was okay in this one.

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