K9 S1E6 Fear Itself [SPOILERS]

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tarashnat - Posted on 30 October 2010

Another improvement in the storytelling of the series so far, in my opinion. A wardrobe (like the one leading to Narnia, or the TARDIS) is causing people's fears to rise to the forefront. A lot of great character development for the protagonists and antagonists in this script. Even K9 gets to grow some.

This kind of stretches to make K9 Mr> Spock, the city going to pot reeks of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE-THE BLUE AND GREEN, and the wardrobe (?) well that reminded me of Narnia and oddly enough a TARDIS. this is better than ep5 but only just and it's a bit weaker than the rest. What is all this with K9 and feelings and not even being able to understand feelings? He's a robot so he can access info about feelings and understand them that way. Here he seems obvlious to fear, something the DOctor and Leela MUST have shown at one time or another in his presense (I can think of one scene in the Tardis where Leela showed fear of some event happening). In any case this was just okay and again the kids make me realize that kids are what K9 needs as companions, not an old h...old lady in an attic with a computer.

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