SJA S4E5-6: Death of the Doctor [SPOILERS]

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tarashnat - Posted on 30 October 2010

Smith & Jones [& Smith]! 

What a fun romp and a trip down memory lane. Six Doctors, multiple companions, loads of monsters and friends. A veritable whogasm! This story is definitely RTD. 507 indeed! 

Ian, Barbara, Dorothy, Ben, Polly, Liz, Harry, Tegan and the Brig are amongst those name dropped... in addition to Amy and Rory. 

This'll be fun to watch with the DWNY group.

I don';t get why there are three forums to one story but whatever. I gave all of them an 8/10 and eating ...uhm, crow. I thought this had a Saturday Morning Kid's Show feel to it and all the good bits from whatever that implies. It was actually pretty good. Jo was brought back with less schmaltz than I thought she would be and Katy is very good in the role and charming. Sarah Jane: she really is played by a good actress. The kids are rather good and glad to see Santiago...phoar! Anyway, the plot is rather fan fictiony and tha'ts okay too because I like fan fiction of this caliber. RTD has made MANY mistakes in his time in DW, mostly in his last horrid year of those horrid specials but rather cool, fast paced, and not bad at all. I like the talks between the Doc, Sarah and could be the version I watched but some of it was mumbled. It all really did pull on the heart strings in all the right places and the action was not bad and not silly and made sense for the most part. Would the Doc really put Clyde through what he did? Doubtful but maybe he had no other way and knew Clyde could handle it.

And Matt Smith! Away from the worst companion in the new version of DW and possibly one of the worst companions ever (Amy), it's good to see him excell even more as the Doctor. He's brilliant: he just needs either children, teens or good actresses to play his companions. Saddled with Amy, he's brought down a bit. Here, he flies rather high and is just great. Loved it.

So this was rather refreshing and perhaps renewed my love of DW.

I also don't get Moffat really. I loved his JEKYLL and SHERLOCK (currently saw only the first 90 min but loved that). Why can't he give DW what he put into those two excellent shows? Not to mention his past DW stories. Season Five sucked overall with a few good stories.

In any case, this episode, the DEATH OF THE DOCTOR was a refreshing bit of fun. Maybe RTD should write more DW for DW and Sarah Jane. MAYBE. One thing I know for sure: Moffat should not and should not be in charge.          

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