Which Doctor was the Doctor the longest?

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Troy Baker - Posted on 08 November 2010

Which Doctor was the Doctor the longest?

That question comes back to haunt a Channel 4 game show called 'Million Pound Drop'.

The question in the show asked a husband-and-wife team to name the longest-serving Doctor on 'Doctor Who'?

They had to select from the following choices:

Sylvester McCoy

Paul McGann

Christopher Eccleston

David Tennant


The show had the intended answer of David Tennant but many fans have disputed the answer and as a result the show is looking into the matter.


The (Daily) Mirror has this story on the Debete:

Million Pound Drop quiz couple lose £325,000 on 'right' answer about Doctor Who


Also to report this story is Digital Spy with this story:

Fans question 'Million Pound Drop' answer



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In today's (Daily) Mirror (Nov. 11) we get a report that the contestants are going to return to the show to continue from the 'Doctor Who' question.


For the full story, you can read it here:

Doctor Who fans regenerate Million Pound Drop Live contestants' chances


Good luck to second chancesWink

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After they returned to the show, they continued to play the game from where they left off. The format of the game allows the players to place their money on one or more answers and bet on the correct answers - but the answers that are wrong will have the money 'drop' through a trap door, making the contestants lose the money bet on that answer. Generally the contestants have to answer eight questions or until they have no money left (whichever comes first),


After all was said and done the pair of contestants (Johnny and Dee) wound up with £25,000. Much of the money they had was lost on questions up to the end.


NOTE: The show will return on December 10th in the UK. The show will be live - as usual.

NOTE 2: The US will be getting an American version of the show on FOX networks, Dec. 20 called The Million Dollar Money Drop. Unlike the UK version it will be taped - not live.

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