Doctor Who filming in Utah Finally Confirmed.

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The2ndDoctor - Posted on 11 November 2010

So after me thinking I've ad nothing to blog for a long time comes this.

The Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development has confirmed that principal photography for the speculated US Filming will take place in Utah from November 17 to November 19. The state's Motion Picture Incentive Fund has authorized a filming rebate of up to $30,000 for location filming in the state. The exact location of filming has not been revealed, and fans are NOT being encouraged to attend filming; a BBC representative told a member of the Utah Film Commission that he "feels that it would be doing the production a disservice to have fans of the show watching it being filmed as certain story arcs and plot lines could be exposed prematurely and be spread over the internet."

I know that Tardis Tara and her DH David, have been trying their best to find out what was going on, reference the filming to no avail, and they have contacts. So you can see how under raps this was, and the location has also at this point not been revealed.

This will be the first time that Principle actors will be included any filming of material in the US. Previously it had only been local crews recording material, or indeed over the boarder in Canada.

To this there is a rumoured appearance of  Matt Smith on "The Craig Ferguson Show" on November the 16th, and according to Sources Elizabeth Banks who was due to be on the show on this date has been rescheduled to the 17th of November. I'm sure we'll find out in due course, due to this all taking place next week.

You can find the future guest schedule for The Late Late Show here:,The-Late-Late-Show-with-Craig-Ferguson,157.html

Until a few days ago, they had Matt Smith listed for the 16th - thus the reason it's the only show "Sold Out" (the tickets are free).

Hi Guys, Long time fan here.  Originally from NJ.  Good ole NJ Network Days.  Anyway live in Utah and we have all scanners on full for places and locations.  Will let you know if we find something.


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