Air Date for Torchwood S3

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sataistyx - Posted on 13 June 2009

Hey folks,


This has not been confirmed, but I stumbled across info stating that the airdate for Torchwood Series 3 will start July 20th.  I'm not sure if this is the BBC1 or the BBC America air date.


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I believe that is the true for BBC America as well. They are also launching their HD channel.

Can somebody provide a rational reason as to why the BBC is so hesitant to give air dates until like a week or two before hand? :)

It seems like a terrible way to advertise your product... when nobody knows for certain when it'll be on.

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It may not be rational, but the most often given reason by those who speculate about this subject is that the Beeb does not want to make it easy for ITV (or others) to schedule their competing programs favorably against the BBC's programming.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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After perusing the BBC Press Office website I found the page about "Torchwood". The shedule confirms that it will air on BBC1 but as of now (June 18) it's time slot has not been set yet.


Here is a link to the BBC's info on that:

WARNING: Spoilers on the site!!!


ADDITIONAL WARNING: Clicking on the "Press Pack" links will give more info about the story.


It also has confirmation that it is a 5-part story.


UPDATE: We now have an airtime for the show 9:00 to 10:00 PM. It's on the above link as of today (6/25/09).

That also puts it the "week" of July 4-10, which means it'll air in the UK two weeks before BBC America.

And here we all had our hopes pinned on their airing each episode the same day in both countries. Yell


And the spam filter thinks my post could be spam! YellYell

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Well, when the BBC aired the 4th series of "Doctor Who" there was about a month "lag time" from then to when it aired in the US (on Sci-Fi).

That is to be expected, but I wish could get a simultaneous broadcast like they did for "The Five Doctors" when it came out. They did that specially for the 20th anniversary - so why can't they do it now?Frown

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Just to confirm what was suspected - The new series of 'Torchwood' will air on BBC America and BBC America HD on July 20th at 9:00 PM (EDT).

They will air an episode per night to complete the story by the end of the week. BBC America is calling it "a week-long event" in the new commercials for the channel and their ads for the HD Channel.


For the BBC channel (BBC 1) in the UK check the links in the above posts.

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