Chase - Posted on 14 June 2009

Despite my liking the author Keith Topping, I can't say I liked KING OF TERROR much. We get a very old Brig at 121 years of age, a UNIT that is decidedly faceless and boring, a UNIT man or so falling for Tegan, a drunk Turlough and an almost in active Doctor. The aliens, no, two sets of aliens are warring or something and threatening  the end of Earth or something. Trouble is with this book, even though super things happen and effect the whole world over a long time, we're not really involved because a lot of the events seem like news reports without being news reports. A lot of it reads like a synposis instead of a story. If it were a movie or tv story I'd say too much was told to us rather than shown to us. The three major leads do not act like they do on tv and almost are not recognizable and links to other parts of DW don't really pan out.  Not a great book at all and in fact, I'd avoid it.

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