The Earthbound novels

Chase - Posted on 14 June 2009

Only six novels were written (seven if you count WOLFSBANE) set in the span of time the Doctor has no memory but it comes back slowly and he recovers from his destruction of Gallifrey and other alien invaders to it...and his TARDIS slowly regrows...a great idea that DW can stretch its format to and adjust to. True, it does somewhat limit the science fictional aspects of the concept...thank goodness but the novels don't. The Doctor actually lives from the later part of the 1800s through to 2001 on Earth, stuck.

I orginally wrote  a long post about these six novels and WOLFSBANE but lost it all with the hit of a wrong button.

THE BURNING: the best of these novels, arugably and the Doctor is decideddly not like the Doctor due to his problems or is he? He leaves young Dobbs, his companion, abandoning him to svae his own life and Dobbs dies thanks to the fire monsters in the caves they were exploring. The plot or rather the monsters are like the aliens in the animated series JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH but not to matter, the aliens are used well again and the climax is stunning. Some really good dialog litters this and the other novels in this cycle. And uhm, FIRES OF POMPEII anyone?

WOLFSBANE: I think this Fourth Doctor, Sarah, and Harry (where he seems to die but I htink he's infected by a werewlf disease!) story fits in here. Harry meets the 8th Doctor and get buried, left behind by the Fourth and Sarah! Not a memorable book by any means. Uh, except for that.  

CASUALTIES OF WAR is less memorable but Mary, a person who falls in love with trhe still sex less Doctor, is. There are also a number of horrible animal and children deaths I think and graphically disgusting at that. Proper WW1: hooray!  And there are aliens. Sigh.

THE TURING TEST : Much more memorable and well written this story is told from the point of view of various I think true life persons during (and after) WW2. There's a great deal of characterization and a lot of prose and...sometimes it's even interesting buit truth is I got bored with it part of the way through and more aliens. sigh. The history parts seem very authentic and there's a gay man or two, mostly disturbed about their life/lives and its all rather tragic and sad as one of them, Alan Turing, I think, is arrested in the 50s for being gay. He later kills himself. A rather sad book for tht and other reasons. The Doctor also seems oblious to the men's interst in him.

ENDGAME: It's another of those that I can't recall. At all. Well, it is 1951 and antoher gay man is intersted in the Doc but he is oblivous or he ignores it. Apparently it's another novel where the Doc is naked. THIS Doc. And aliens!

FATHER TIME: much better remembered but we get more aliens only we also get the daughter of the Doctor! OMG! Did he have sex with a woman in the past? Well yeah, thanks to us knowing he had Susan. And John and Gillian in the comics. Miranda isn't his real daughter. Sigh. Anyway not to matter, the book is intense, tense, and filled with great scenes and character mostly due to Miranda and the Doc interacting. Teh aliens being horrid murders of many, in bloody violent ways "on screen" the Doc is just as ruthless and callous, killing or getting others killed in varous ways. Serves the bastards right. Yet the bastard Doc tells MIranda he doesn't like HER ways of killing! And he makes someone forget to keep their heart beating, disguises someone as himself so the poor guard gets shot, and more. zUNless I'm remembvering wrongly about this novel having this scene, there's a part when the Doc, Miranda and others are fleeing a space station over Earth that is TURNING INTO ROSES! Literally! All matter seems to be turning into roses unless they get away! A quite tense sequence!       

ESCAPE VELOCITY: not a bad novel but not as good as Father Time. Anji seems an inspired new companion and the earthbound saga comes to an end, unfortunately not really reaching the goal of its creation or that the possibilities that could have been. The Doc living through history and having time to explore the normal way like the rest of us have to is inspired but we got a lot of aliens again. still ths is DW so why not? Why be dissapointed? Anji's losing her lover is very chilling....all three times it happens but in different ways. The aliens are ruthless, yes again and actually not all that boring but the plot...limps along and shows the weaknesses of all DW rather grimly.    

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