Chase - Posted on 14 June 2009

Just take a look at the covers of any or all of the First Doctor novel ranges MISSING ADVENTURES or BBC Adventures, whichever. Just like the TV era of Hartnell, the range here is amazing, rockets and spacestations one day or one week, magic and fantasy and socerers the next day or month as the case may or may not be, then history with or without aliens. DW in that era was truly expansive and unlimited even on TV but in these books, that's even more true. There are plenty of historicals here but this has an alien construct, a fairly creepy one and one that haunts...tunnels I believe. Then there's the history part: even more scary is the Mongols attacking Kiev and what they do to the inhabitants...and what the inhabitants do back...somehow influenced by the alien. The Doc speaks like the Doc, the history is accurate or as near as I can tell and the prose is...scary and well done. Dodo gets her groove on by knocking someone's out and Steven is just magnificent in this. The Doc by turns seems both alien and human, both strong and like an old man and ...this could not be better! The alien stalking someone through the tunnels is hard to forget and that someone is probably Dodo! 

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