the later 7th Doctor New Adventures

Chase - Posted on 14 June 2009

About the time of HUMAN NATURE I began to really enjoy the novels again. Maybe it had something to do iwth the loss of Ace. I never really fully like her. Benny around her was even more irritating as I think Ace brought out the worst in Benny. But tha'ts just me, tons of fans lvoe Ace and Love her with Benny. Truthfully, I love Chris and Roz, two "new" companions in ORIGINAL SIN. The novels also took in decidedly good ideas if a bit grim and WARCHILD, a squel to earlier NA novels has Roz shoot many enemy dogs ala the 70s movie THE PACK (Which seems to have been remade recently with a different title and Eric Lively as the star).  One thing I didn't like was the loss of the TARDIS and the DOc has to travel in a different TARDIS, why oh the horror of why? Anyway a similar thing happened in the 8th Doc novels later on with Compassion, a living TARDIS that I think Fitz and the Doc traveled in. That made me ill.  Not really. There's one really great moment but I can't remember from what novel: Roz stranded in time, wants to shoot Lincoln dead and does! So that the Doc can register the time change and find her! That's radical!

Anyway more later about DAMAGED GOODS (probably the best NA and by RTD!?!!!), SO VILE A SIN ( a troubled history this was released last), BAD THERAPY (an under rated book), THE ROOM WITH NO DOORS (fab and THIS is Kate's best book!), and LUNGBARROW (flawed weak ending but also had some good moments).     

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