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Tom Dickinson - Posted on 14 June 2009

No posts here yet? For shame!

I think Chris Eccleston is underappreciated. It's a pity that he's overshadowed by Tennant. In my nind, both are phenomenal, so it bothers me that only one of them gets his due.

And I think that, in terms of re-watch value, Series One is the best of the revived program.

Shearman's Dalek? Amazingly powerful and tense. Pity it seems to have been ejected from history by the events of "Journey's End." No way Van Statten doens't know what a Dalek is after that!

The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances? Atmospheric, terrifying, and fun all at once. "Go to your room" is one of the best cliffhanger resolutions in the program's history: the Doctor using his brains to get out of a sticky situation, rather than a sonic screwdriver deus ex machina.

I think the low point of Eccleston's tenure was Aliens of London/World War Three, and even that has some truly awesome moments in it.

Let's not forget the man who brought the Doctor back to life!

I agree but I never forgot the power, the joy (EMPTY CHILD), the mystery (the Dicken's ep), and the love and care (FATHER'S DAY) that this Doctor has. In my mind he's tons better than Tennant's Doctor. I love the Chris months that we got and almost all the spinoff stories. I might be committing sacriledge but I also think Rose works better wtih this Doctor although I love how Tennant's Doctor drops all the hate that seems to stem from him toward Jackie and Mickey. The low point for me is the ep where the Doctor kicks Adam out of the TADRIS. I hated him in that one and hated his character in that. The original, which I bring up every chance I can, is that Adam wanted to save his father from a disease and that's why he sent the info back from the future....leading Rose to make the same mistake about trying to save her father in the very next ep aired. That would make the Doctor even more of a bastard.

Anyway yeah, I'd gladly rewatch every story but that one where Adam is kicked out. And the Doctor's jealousy is annoying but if anything that amplifies in Tennant's time as he sees every male as a male rival for...what? Female affection?

As for ALIENS OF LONDON I think it's saved by some strong scenes between Rose and the DOctor and the Doctor and Jackie and the Doctor and Mickey. THe actors all save it. I just watched some of that and feel it was one of the strongest for their relationships. He gives Rose the key. He comptemplates how dangerous it is for Rose and how awful his life is when he has to make desciions. Of course the cop out is that he lets Harriet make the descision for him...basicaly alleviating his guilt for possibly killing Rose...and her and himself. ANd he's sohappy about that...that is stupid but Jackie's question to him, "Is my daughter safe?" is jsut great. I also like her, "Since that man walked into ourlives, I've been attacked in the streets, I've had creatures from the pits of hell in my own living room, and my daughter disappwear off the face of the Earth!"  She's great in this. Then later Mickey reveals he can't accept the offer of coming with the Doctor---the Doctor actually asked him to come! Then the Doc covers Mickey up and this is a nice touch.

Chris just handles all of this wonderfully. I love his power in the second to last story. His "NO" to the Daleks, his tv debut on the game show in the confessional booth, his kiss to Capt Jack, his kiss to Rose, his jibs at Jack for revealing the Tardis forcefield, and his confrontation with the Emperior. He is both strong and caring, syjmpathetic...he doesn't want to commit wholesale murder and I love him for that. He just can't do it... and the way he lies to Rose to get her to leave and then his look after th TARDIS departs. His look as Capt Jack takes his side in the debate with the Emperior. His regeneratin scene...he's just good in just about every scene in eveyr ep

I also like his closedness in the early eps, END OF THE WORLD where he refuses to tell Rose about himself until the end. Then he does. His care for Dickens and his chastisement of Rose for not seeing things from an alien POV...of course, she's right not to trust the aliens in that and he's so wrong but never mind, how was he to know the Gelf were bastards?

And this Doc seems quite at home with children, old people, monsters and aliens, ugly or beautiful, and is full of temper for the most part. he also tries so hard...

Can't say that for the Tennant Doctor. When confronted with an ugly monster, he just calls it ugly.

And the Chris Doc has a tremendous sense of humor: such as when he suggests Jackie is not coming with them and laughs at that, when Rose calls him gay, and when he says 900 years of traveling through time and space and I've never been slapped by someone's mother or even "he's been defrocked" in EMPTY CHILD and almost everything he says in EMPTY CHILD including "I've got special powers in me nose" and "I've traveled with a lot of peopple but youre settin new records for jeopardy friendly". He seems to come up wtih quips on the spot and quickly even during danger. "I'm really glad tthat worked because it would have been terrible last words." but then RTD was strong in the writing and commissioning of good scripts with good dialog, knew what he wanted in the characters and why. And RTD did'nt write them all. So much better than what we have today. and you're correct DALEK made the Daleks DANEROUS AND EVIL AND MENACING again and made me feel the Doctor was justified in his anger and his new guntoting ways (not really new as Pertwee, Tom Baker, Davison and Colin Baker all carried guns in their time and don't even get me started on how manipulative and war like the 7th was and if the novels can be considered, the 8th Doctor has more blood on his hands than all the others). Still it's a powrful scene but one thing that bothers me the Doc, this Doc and the Tennant Doc are just thinkingt about themselves, their planet, their people,their family...which seems SO WRONG when compared with the older Doctors who cared more about the people they were with than Gallifrey.    

This Doc was certainly damaged but he heals and for me, he's probably the best Doctor right under Tom Baker!            

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No posts here yet? For shame!

There are more posts on the 9th Doctor in our previous site. Things are just picking up here. Thanks for getting the ball rolling here.


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Of course. It's just that I happened to notice that all the other Doctors had at least one post, while poor Chris had nothing yet and I had to fix that.

I do, however, believe that there IS a tendency to forget about Chris. However, I feel like this is starting to get better, particularly in the podcasting community, at least partly thanks to the guys at Radio Free Skaro who are doing commentaries on Season One episodes.

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Maybe if there is indeed a big buget motion picture in the works w/ Russell T and Dr. #10 that that would be a big enough plum for Christopher to take a bite of.  I hope so, would that be great, the likes of Dr.s 8,9 & 10 in a big screen movie?  One can dream.

I feel like we never had a proper 'Doctor's' episode w/ the Three Doctors having poor Bill Hartnell confined to a few cameo's, and the Five Doctors w/out Tom Baker and a William Hartnell stand in.

Mr. Magister

Well nowadays with Movie Magic anything is possible. I mean if they could finish THE CROW without Brandon Lee, what over 10 years ago? then they could do a full 11 Doctors. And Pat and Jon's sons sound so much like them...voices anyone. But  alas ego and production idealogoy will keep any Chris movie or any multi Doctor movie or tv story for that matter from us. RTD doesn't like Multi Doc stories and I suspect it's because they want the current Doc to get all the kudos and avoid comparisions. Truth is if done correctly multi Doc stories can be fun and well done (don't mind THE TWO DOCTORS though, that's awful) but we'll never see that thanks to ego, commericialism, and ...indifference to the past of the show i any real meaningfuil context. Still we might get to see Davros, the Msater, The Rani, Romana, The Monk, Gallifrey, the Doc's mom and dad and all the companoins milling about together AGAIN! Naw, jus tkidding.


Chris and Paul in a movie would be great but I think any Time War movie is doomed to failure as the Time War should stay i n the realm of our imaginations. 

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My love and appreciation for Mr. Eccleston and his work, is what got me interested in seeing the Doctor Who in the first place. I've been a fan of his, since the film, Let Him Have It. I just found out that he's starring in this film, New Orleans Mon Amour, with Elizabeth Moss, from AMC's Mad Men.


I feel like two of my fandoms are coming together like a wonderful big crockpot of gumbo and I want to eat it all.

of work. It's true that I posted a review of every one of his stories and rather than a snidely  comment no one made any other comments about the 9th Doctor. I can only believe that it's either me or that one cares to comment about the 9th Doctor months.

I love Ecclestons Doctor. I first got into Doctor Who in 2007 and it was Eccleston's Doctor that I saw first. I love Tennants Doctor but Eccleston was my first Doctor, MY Doctor. So he holds a special place in my heart. He did such a good job of bringing the Doctor back for the generations like me who had never seen Doctor Who. I loved his catch phrase of 'Fantastic'! Some of his lines were just given so perfectly! When I got a few of my friends into Doctor Who I made them watch Eccleston first because I wanted them to see what an amazing Doctor he was. :)

"Some people live more in 20 years then others do in 80. Its not the time that matters its the person." -The 10th Doctor

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