Dodged a Bullet??

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Mr. Magister - Posted on 14 June 2009

I just finished watching the British television series 'Jekyll'.   Without spoilers, let me tell you that James  Nesbit was phenomenal.  He could have been picked as Dr. #11 easily.  I can't say the same for Paterson Joseph though.  He did put alot of energy into his character (he played an American-type badguy agent) - but was WAY over the top.  So over the top - his character was embarassingly silly....not at all intimidating (which is what he was supposed to be). He came across like a caricature of Eddie Murphy meets Chris Tucker...but while both of those actors are comedians, Paterson's character was 'supposed' to be a straight shooting tough guy.  Anyway, I'm sure he's great in alot of his other roles, but I kept saying to myself "This is they guy who was in the lead to take over as Dr.#11?'


Anyone else see it?  Any comments?


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Jekyll was a phenominal show! I had no idea where it would end when I watched the first episode. That show (as well as his DW episodes) is proof, to me at least, that Doctor Who is in very capable hands with Steven Moffat. I didn't have that big of a problem with the accents though, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. Just pure brilliance!

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YES!  Jekyll was terrific.  It takes a lot to creep me out, but when James Nesbit would tilt his head and get that weird grin w/ the vacant eyes - wow!  I understand he won an award for his portrayal...justly deserved.  Michelle Ryan also was excellent.  I feel in good hands w/ Stephen Moffat at the helm, and I look forward to lots and lots of plot twists.

Mr. Magister

Well I haven't watched JEKYLL but I suspect it's very very good. From anyone who has watched it, that's what I've heard. As far as dodging a bullett, I think DW was hit smacxk on full hard by the bullet that is and was and will be John Simms. He's totaly over the TOP, way too silly to be menacing, and predictable but tha'ts more in the writing than the acxting but his acxting was totally hammy and jsut plain bad. More bullets to come might just be : More Capt Jack not really fulfullling his true potential again, weddings?, more companoin crossovers with no real plot to rely on, David Tennant again (sorry about that one), more Daleks, more Cybermen, more Davros's silly plans and silly speeches (HOW CAN HE CLAIM THE DOCTOR IS BAD when he's just pathetically evil?), another, yet another ending for Rose and her John Smith, and who knows what else awaits us in what NOVEMBER? Or Xmas? Sigh.       

James is brilliant  and the show marvelous much better than the modern take on THE WOLF MAN movie. JEKYLL was twisty and turny and exciting. Nesbitt was fantastic in the show and in the part and he would have made a great Doctor. I think Smith will be good but I am more than worried about the creativity of Moffat and others in the behind the scenes stuff. The storylines sound awful, the dialog sounds awful.  

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