Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Now Available via iTunes in the US

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Louis Trapani - Posted on 25 April 2011

A quick heads up for those looking to get the latest episode of Doctor Who via iTunes. The new 2011 series premiere, The Impossible Astronaut is now available for purchase ($2.99) or rent (99¢) via the US Apple iTunes store:

The Impossible Astronaut - Doctor Who, Season 6, Pt. 1

You can also purchase a season pass for $19.99

Doctor Who, Season 6, Pt. 1 - Doctor Who

Doctor Who, Season 6, Pt. 2 - Doctor Who

And both seasons parts:

Doctor Who, Season 6, Pts. 1 & 2 - Doctor Who

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The Impossible Planet, a David Tennant story, is also available on iTunes. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter that the link is named one thing but is really another. What matters is that for those of us that don't have BBC America as a channel option, iTunes fills the void. Can't wait for the next episode. It's times like these that one could really do with a TARDIS. You know, zoom forward just a few days, catch the episode as it premieres, and then zoom back. What was it that the 8th Doctor said about Christmas in The Chimes Of Midnight? Something like, "I find anticipation of the event much more satisfying than the holiday itself" or words to that effect. So I suppose I'll stay put, wait it out, and then watch it as soon as is humanly possible. Unlike the Doctor's take on Christmas, the event will no likely be as enjoyable as the anticipation of it.

Happy Travels

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I knew it was just going to be a matter of time before I make that mistake. Sigh. Every time I type or say "The Impossible…" the word that wants to follow that is "Planet" not "Astronaut" at this point. 

This is going to be one of those Doctor Who stories that I will always need to think about before saying the title. Sort of like "The Seeds of Death" and "The Seeds of Doom" (which is even closer than "Planet" and "Astronaut").

Thanks for catching it.

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OK, I fixed the link from "Planet" to "Astronaut" -- though the link was correct, just the link name was wrong.

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