DAY OF THE MOON (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 30 April 2011

Okay I gave this an 8/10 but that may be too generous. I still DON'T care about Amy, River, or Rory as much as I cared about Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Jack, Pete, Martha, and Donna and Wilf. I just don't. I don't find Amy as horrible as last season and that's a good thing. I also don't find Moffat to be a great storyteller or even have good action sequences. Still, the story does not suck but am I to take it that...

...these aliens have been responsible for every major advancement along the path to history until now? didn't we have enough of that with the Fendahl, Scarlioni, and so many other monsters/races? In any case, it reminds me a bit of THE X FILES now and the threads moving around remind me of LOST but toned down thank goodness.

During the fighting sequence WHAT was the Doctor asking River NOT to hit? I couldn't hear. In fact, I didn't know what HE was doing or what she was trying NOT to hit. Anyone explain? I'ts stuff like that that Moffat seems to fail at or maybe it's just my hearing? I guess I need subtitles. The girl? Was it me or was she NOT explained again? I can live with that as most other stuff was explained and MADE sense this time out.

Not sure about any of the "plan" but why were Amy, Rory and River moving around the US? To find out more about the invasion/invaders/occupation? Then they got "killed" by Clay to...get hidden in the box? It's all a bit...contrived.

I also found plenty of the Americans overwritten. No one says they want their baby to be a healthy American just healthy. And no president, not even Nixon, would talk like he did...and no soldier would talk the way he did to the president. It all smacked of unreal dialog and bad conversation and it wasn;t funny. It does, as someone else said last week in the thread on IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT...ruin the more serious aspects of the hour or so.

Another thing I didn't like is that...while Nixon certainly had his do all politicians...and let's face it they all lie in every country. Only thing is the US is perfectlly allright with airing their lies and that Nixon's "friendship" with China wasn't mentioned. THAT is probably the only reason relations with China were not strained throughout the oncoming years. That could have been thrown in there as other things were.

What did Armstrong's foot have to do with anything? What was the suit about? What did the girl want to do when she got out? What was she trying to do? Who or what or why did she murder the Doctor? Is he still destined to die? Are these answers we will get later on? I hope so. All of that might get answered but to be honest, the hour's end was not fufilling as more of these answers would have made it so.

Amy's saying, "Drop out of the sky" when she was talking about Rory---IF she was talking about Rory (we still really don't know, do we--AND that's a problem) is a problem...why would she say this at all, even if it were true, if it were not...was not Rory she meant, why would she take the chance on having him overhear and complicate any rescue plans by hurting him? Why just hurt him that way? Why, if it was Rory, would she say this and maybe make things a bit more difficult for the Doc's feelings?

None of that really smacked of...anything important. It was just silly---Moffat can't do character relationships that feel real or feel as if they matter. This time Gillian did a good job so she's not at fault at all. ALL of the dialog is a bit better than last season and All of Amy's is a lot better.

Ditto River: it's not really clear to me at least how she and the Doc are on different paths or why she thought that was NOT their last kiss? for her wouldn't the last one be the one with David Tennant's Doctor? Or were they saying that the next time they meet it would be the David Tennant Doctor and her "death"? Either way I'm confused and it's muddled. I am sure it could have been handled better than it was or maybe I just don't care.

In any case, this week not as good as last week but not so bad as to completely ruin the story. It was good. It just...I don't know doesn't thrill like every story of 2005, most stories of 2006 and 2007 and 2008. It also feels done before (aliens in black suits, memory loss, "i'm pregnant", whom do I love, Doc or boyfriend/husband?, gay issues, etc) and I don't get the link to the moon landing---i'm guessing it has something to do with the code the Doctor had to send to everyone watching the landing.

I remember that landing---it was pretty thrilling. I was sure the ground wouldn't be that solid but it was.

So all in all, much much better than most of last season but still a bit...okay what next?

8/10 even if I don't sound like it. Anything is really an improvement over last year's horrible output, especially that second story.
I also almost forgot to mention that stunning cliffhanger. More stuff to be answered though. WHO is her daddy?

I thought it was a thrill ride on the whole but I was not impressed with the way they resolved last week's cliffhanger.  Suddenly it's three months later and Baltimore is chasing them around like they are public enemies number 1, 2, and 3.  Yes, some of it was explained during the course of the story but I think I would have liked to have seen it happen rather than be told about it.  For example, when Amy saw the astronaut again she said something like 'sorry I shot you and I'm glad I missed.'  Maybe we should have seen her miss

It seems like Moffatt likes orphaned young girls.  Amy started out that way last season and now we see that the little girl in the astronaut suit is the apparent only one living in an abandoned orphanage that Amy (Scully) and Baltimore (Muldar) investigate.  I agree with Chase that this whole scene had a very X-Files feel to it.  Not that it bothered me much but it almost seemed like an unneccesary scene althoiugh it did allow them to catch the Silence on the videocam to show it to a worldwide audience during the moon landing.  Now we know why Neil Armstrong paused between "one small step for giant leap for mankind."

Of course the apparent little girl regeneration scene and Amy's on-again off-again pregnancy most certainly needs to play out over the next 10-11 episodes.  At least I hope it does.  Obviously these first two stories were designed to set the tone for the entire season.

I happen to like the characters of Amy, Rory, and River a lot.  I never cared much for Rose.  I liked Martha and Donna. There are a few classic series characters I like better. But I really enjoy Amy's character, so I disagree with Chase on that one.

My main moan with this story was the way the TARDIS was used as an assault vehicle, making short hops with pin-point accuracy. It takes away one of the crucial elements of Who and is, at the same time, a convenient (and lazy) story device.

I love River Song so much I named one of our new kittens after her (the other is Rose Tyler, the wife's choice) but next time I hope the TARDIS drops her!!!


Yours ever

Paul S. Mabley

Oncoming Storm Media

Kitchener, Ontario

Paul S. Mabley

Oncoming Storm Media

Kitchener, Ontario

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