The Rebel Flesh (spoilers)

Administrator - Posted on 22 May 2011

The Rebel FleshNow that you have seen Doctor Who: The Rebel Flesh, discuss it here. (Warning, there may be spoilers if you haven't seen it yet).

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Seemed to feel very much like last year's Silurian two-parter.

My hope for the episode is the Flesh are somehow related to the Autons and that explains why Flesh Jennifer was so attracted to Rory, given his Auton past.

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...but the official BBC Doctor Who site just gave away everything for the next much for surprises........really makes me mad

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Part 2 still to go, but I enjoyed this so far. The flesh (both the concept and the effect for the 'blank') remind me of the clone process from 'the Sontaran stratagem/Poison sky' rather than the Autons.

The story seems original - something we haven't seen before, although the morality of being to take away/control the destiny of life you have created has been touched on before. 

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This time around the story remind me of the Star Trek:TNG (The Next Generation) stories. We've seen the show use this idea several times.

We start with a new life form being created (or discovered) and a battle ensues as to who has the right to exist. Star Trek: TNG did this with several stories including microscopic entities, nanotechnology becoming sentient,  and several other stories covering several different variations on that theme. In Star Trek: TNG the result was usually a peaceful resolution in which both try to get along with each other.

However the reactions of the people are typically 'Doctor Who' we see the humans and 'gangers' prepare for a battle much like the humans and silurians (or Sea Devils, or ___________ (insert race or species here)).

Another similarity from the Star Trek franchise is that the 'gangers' remind me of Odo from Star Trek: DS9 (Deep Space 9). That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the 'gangers start to lose cohesion and start to revert to flesh form.

It's not a bad story but we've seen this before in several other shows. Maybe there will be something in part 2 (The Almost People) to garner it a higher rating than 3 (out of 5) - which is what I'm giving the show - for now.


PS: Did anybody notice the nod to 'Frankenstien' by use of the storm as the power source for life for the 'gangers'?

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I've been wondering off-line with others if this story (S32.05-06) as a whole would be connected to the death of the Doctor scene since the series opener in S32.01.

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I had a similar thought myself, could the Doctor shot on the shore been the copy from this story? Or, could this double Doctor just be a 'red herring' to throw us off the scent. We truly can't speculate until we see the conclusion of the story (with next weeks episode) - we might have a resolution to the 'double' at the end of the episode. Right now is just conjecture.

And we still have the unanswered question of Amy's pregnancy - is she or isn't she, and does the child in the first two episodes have anything to do with that? How does River song play into that - or does she? Could the child be a joining of Amy and the 'clone Doctor' or the Doctor?

And since we saw the girl regenerating at the end of 'Day of the Moon' - if she is a product of the Amy and 'clone Doctor' did she get the regenation powers from him and does he have the ability to regenerate as well?

Like last season we're getting many questions and the answers trickle out a little at a time. We won't really know until the facts are revealed in the show.

Just one more question - How many answers will be revealed before the show breaks in two weeks?

Okay for all my whacko complaining about base under siege stories dominating DW, I gave this a 10/10. I don't understand how anyone can dislike this? It took a sci fi cliche and did something different and animated with it as well as handled emotional stuff at the same time. Who would have thought? Matt was terrific again and even gave me the feeling that he was fearing the situation and ...he made mistakes. Brilliant. The acid stuff and the sun storms were great but it was Rory who is turning out to be a great companion; even Amy seems as if she's going to be a good companion. Yeah the insides of the castle look similar to things that have gone before but the rest, the outside, didn't. Yeah we've seen clones before but so what? We've seen hundreds of alien invasions before too. This moved, was moving at times, and bizarre. What more can one want? AND the TARDIS sunk into the ground! And the Doc was cloned. This might be the first 10/10 to a Moffat era Who although I might have given THE LODGER a 10/10 too. Engrossing.

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